My name is Sam & I'm 36.

I hope this is ok to post on here as I really need someone to speak to & at the moment am feeling very alone.

I have been having brown discharge between my periods since october & finally plucked up the courage to have my long overdue smear yesterday.

The doctor was very kind & tried to put my very overactive mind ( thanks to google ;( ) at rest but as my smear was so overdue I'm really thinking the worst.

She took swabs ( I also have a burning in my vagina ), did my smear & also carried out a pelvic exam which she said was all normal but I can't get this nagging feeling out of my head that something is wrong.

My husband is very surportive but is convinced that I'm ok as the gp said my cervix looked normal & he doesn't understand how scared I feel about it.

I have always had quite a long cycle with regards to my periods & have been under a bit of stress over the last few months but have never had any mid cycle issues & I'm terrified.

Having read what you amazing ladies have been through I feel a bit of a fraud posting on here but my smear results seem forever away.

Thanks for listening

Sam x

Hi Sam,

Everybody is welcome here, you aren’t a fraud. :slight_smile:

The main thing is that you’ve had your smear done now, so well done you. We’ve all done the odd bit of googling and scared ourselves silly, so don’t feel bad about that but you really must try to be patient and not jump to conclusions while you wait for your results. Any number of things can cause these symptoms and most of them are much more likely than cervical cancer, but you knew that really, right?

So, try to distract yourself while you wait for the results. Do anything to stop you brooding, go to the cinema, go for a good long walk, have a good laugh with friends and try to get some sleep. Que sera sera.

Take care x

Hi Sam,

first of all, dont feel like a fraud.  The worry is real and we all know too well what thats like!! - the waiting and uncertainty can often be worse than a diagnois.  Its a really good sign that the nurse said that your pelvic area looks "normal" and there could be a number of reasons for the discharge (irritation, infection etc). Did the nurse give you any indication how long your results would take?  Before I was diagnosed, I had a smear and there vere visible signs of a problem and I bled a lot on contact although I'd had no other bleeding after sex or inbetween periods. Its probably best not to try and second guess as you will drive yourself crazy.  Know that there is always someone ready to talk to you here if you have a meltdown.  Hoping all will be ok, but if its not, we're here and you'll be ok sweetie xx

I just saw your post and didn’t want to read and run.

It’s perfectly normal to google and think the worst. It is a good sign that your gp has said that everything looks normal with your cervix. I had bleeding between periods and painful sex so decided to go to the doctors. My gp said that my cervix looked abnormal and I had a couple of cysts and other growths which she was not happy about. At this point I fell apart as you always assume the worse and agree that the waiting for results is the hardest.

Thinking of you and I hope your smear resut comes back as normal but any questions do ask :slight_smile:


Hi Rosehip & Andrea

Thank you so much for replying so quickly, it really means alot.

I saw the doctor for my smear & like I said, she was very kind & tried to put my mind at rest but asked me to come in & see her once the results are in ( between 2-4 wks ) which unnerved me a bit.

She then said if anything is found it can be treated, which again with my over active imagination, made me think that she had found something she didn't like the look of but didn't want to say there & then.

I had some of this horrid brown discharge on the spectulum when she took it out & doctor mentioned it.

Google has been a total nightmare as everytime I look up symptoms it points to cancer.

I haven't had a smear in a long time & have been driving myself crazy with worry.

Thank you so much for your support, it's very much appreciated.

I hope all is ok with you.

Sam x


Hi Kerry

Thanks for your reply.

I try not to worry & be positive that the doctor said my cervix looked healthy but the next minute I can't stop crying & fearing the worst.

I hope you are ok.

Sam x

Hi Sam,

I can fully understand that and I am sure that everyone on here has experienced the same…I know that I am certainly feeling the same at the moment too. One minute I’m ok and then another minute I’m in tears.

I went for a colpscopy and they took a biopsy of the growth and I’ve been told it will take up to 10 days and the waiting is the hardest.

My husband has been really good although a little over bearing at times but I know he means well and is also worried about everything.

Stay strong.


Hi Kerry

I really do feel like a fraud when I read what you are all going/been through.

I'll be thinking of you

Sam x

,Hi Sam hope your ok???

please dont ever think your a fraud!!!, i was diagnosed stage 2b in June 2011 and have now been given all clear from Jan 2012 yay!!! 

your prob lem could be a inocent problem but if not its great you have had your smear and anyting more will be picked up!!!

please try not to worry huni, sure all will be fine, i was scared t go for my smear for ovwr 10 years!!! 

take care ay questons hun pleade ask xxxxx


Thank you so much for Avamary.

I think that's why I'm so worried as I haven't had a smear for 10 years too!

My dad had cancer & seeing him so poorly terrified me. I know it's no excuse but I was too scared.

Congratulations on your all clear

Sam x