Feeling scared

Hi all, 

I'm new here so forgive me if I start rambling on, I don't really have a support network around me so pretty much relying on what I read online.

I went for my routine smear 5th March and didn't get the results for 5 weeks, they arrived on the same day as a letter from the hospital with a Colposcopy appointment...did I freak out...yes alot!! After doing some research I realised they are actually quite common but having to wait 3 weeks for the appointment, had to delay it a week as origial fell during my period, I literally burst into tears several times everyday, I've felt so emotional, has anyone else felt like that??

I told my husband straight away who completely freaked out and was convinced of the worst, so I've had to spend the 3 weeks reassuring him but worrying myself into a state. I don't really have many people i can talk to about it.

Today was the day of the appointment and I think the fear of the unknown was the worst part. I have to say the care team were amazing and although I couldn't be at ease they did their best to try and relax me. I did feel quite alot of discomfort as it took her a while to get a good view as my cervix was sitting too far back. She took at biopsy which I just found uncomfortable rather than painful and said I would get the results in around 2 weeks, I may need to go in for further treatment but from what she could see they are the lower end of high grade...i actually have no idea what that means but she didn't sound worried. I had to take the day off work and I'm glad I did as I have felt pretty rubbish for the rest of the day, mild period type pain and I felt sick a couple of hours later as anyone else felt like this and how long does it usually last? 


Sorry for the long post but I think I've bottled this up and I'm about ready to explode onto an emotional mess.

Please try not to worry

From the information from the nurse specialist performing the colposcopy 

it sounds like some abnormal cells were apparent and this is very very treatable..

the care they give is amazing and the doctors are very reassuring.

ive just been through much more serious full blown stage 2 cervical cancer with a whopper of a tumour and had my first clear, no sign of tumour scan this week.

from what your nurse said, it’s highly likely you have abnormalities, so not cancer and they can treat this easily.

the worry can make your physical symptoms worse.

if you need to talk through with anyone, phone McMillan as they are very reassuring and knowledgeable.

good luck xxx



I went through the same a couple months ago so you're not alone. I have also been told it's quite common...


I had my first smear in January which showed severe dyskaryosis. This was then followed by a biopsy a couple weeks later which resulted in CIN 1. I was booked in for a LLETZ (large loop excision) which was then tested and showed it was actually CIN 3. 


They're very good at acting quick and making you feel relaxed about the situation. I think it's more the shock of things that worry you! Don't panic too much - the procedure is there to try and stop it from developing any further. 


Once I had the LLETZ done, they told me I would need to go back in for a follow up smear in 6 months and then it would go back to normal routine tests. 


Try not to over think things Laughing