Terrified and Frightened

Hi all first post. Went this morning to the colposcopy clinic, Dr advised that i have high grade severe abnormalities. She took multiple biopsys and completed and examination including a finger exam both front and back passage. Is this normal?

She made no attempt to reassure me or calm and told me that they are approaching it from the aspect of cervical cancer as that is worst case scenario.

I have never missed a smear test and all have been negative since i had loop treatment 12 years ago.

As it says I am frightened and terrified a mother to a 5 year old boy whom everytime i look at i start crying!

Any help or advice would be very welcome

Thank you


I'm so sorry you have been through this, although I have also been through feeling so scared I have always been treated with kindness at my appointments. Never have they mentioned cervical cancer in that way until it was actually to tell me they had found some cells and even then it was done with support and information. I think if you have further concerns you may be better off asking to see a different Dr nurse or consultant. 

I really hope your results come through soon and that all is OK.  I'm sorry I'm not more helpful.


Can I just check Koala... was there a nurse present whilst the internal examinations were being performed?


Yes always a nurse there as well as the consultant. Once I think there were two nurses. 


Hi Koala, 


Firstly thanks for replying. i haven't had much sleep as you can imagine. i went to my Gp yesterday afternoon, who took time to reassure me and talk me down from the  ceiling. 

She went over with that i had bloods done when i was in hopsital in october and all my bloods were fine exactly where they should be. i had a chest xray which showed no abnormalities also. and because I haven't missed any smears at all her educated opinion would be it is localised. 

The GP said that when the  gyn looked and completed her examination if it was that bad I would not have been sent home awaiting results I would have been taken straight into the hospital. and as they do it day in and day out they know exactly what they are looking at. 


I truly believe her demeanour has a lot to do with how i am feeling. Now I am panicking it has spread and much more...



Hi, my dr said something similar but in more helpful words, just wondering if your dr ment the same but put it to you wrong. My dr said we treat all women with abnormalities as if its cancerous till we know different so we know everyone is getting the best treatment time wise and through checks like you do if it was cancer. x

To be honest Ellie, the Dr wasnt very nice. very dry blunt and straight to the point no empathy at all. It was absolutely horrofic. I have spend the last few days feeling like my life is ending. her mannerisms and attitude were just a so disheartening. No attempt to explain or calm me or my hubby. 


My Gp was a great help as i went there afterwards and she took time to try to rationalise everything with me. 

Lynsey xx