so scared, cannot stop crying.

I am really sorry if I have posted this in the wrong forum.. I'm just so scared I don't know what to do and just need to talk to someone :(

Just before xmas I had some brown vaginal dischare that lasted about 4 days. I thought this was my period but I came on two weeks later. My periods have never been totally regular so I didn't think much of it. 3 or 4 times since then I've had some bleeding between periods... just little bits on the tissue after I've been to the loo, it looks like a clear discharge streaked with a little red blood mostly, there is never alot (never enough for a pantyliner or anything) and there is no pattern to it.

I went to my doctor last month and she said me for an ultrasound, which I had last week, and they said that I had PCOS. Also had blood tests which came back normal. but I just can't shake this terrible feeling that there is something else going on and I am scaring myself silly with googling stuff :( :(

I am 22 (a virgin) and as well as the bleeding - which has no pattern to it, I've also got low back pain (for about 2mths maybe), pelvic pain/discomfort sometimes pain in the vagina, IBS type symptoms (always had these midly but I think they're worse lately), a yellow vaginal discharge and pain in my legs... this comes and goes.

I'm just so scared... I'm not due back to the doctors until 12th may to discuss the PCOS further but I am just sick with worry. 

I am really sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, I just desperately need someone to talk to. 

Hello I haven't been through the same situation but you sound like you really need someone to talk to:-)all I can really suggest is to contact your doctors again and insist you need to be seen sooner or if its a smear you want get it done privately as I know the NHS are strict with the 25 year-old rule. Hope this helps a little we all have panics at sometime through out this process. Big hugs and chin up:-)


Thank you for replying to me I really aprriciate it. I just don't know what to do... when I went for the ultrasound they wouldn't do the internal one as I'm not sexually active and I just feel like anything to do with my cervix just isn't being considered because of that. Tonight it's just all came to a head.. I've been trying to convince myself that the back pain is just a pulled muscle or something (doesn't hurt when I'm sitting down) and that the bleeding isn't enough/regular enough to be problem but the more I read the more scared I'm getting.. especially with the leg pain too. I'm getting in such a state and am convincing myself that I have something bad wrong. I may be able to get to the doctors on friday if I can get couple hours off work. thank you again for replying to me.

Hi there,

Have you had any outcome since your post? If not then my advice would be to push your GP. As a virgin it's unlikely to be CC but you know your own body and you should trust your gut feelings. It's best not to put anything off. I've learnt that lol. You may have cysts. So many things have the same symptoms. Put your mind at rest. The sooner treated the sooner sorted. Try not to worry unless you need to. 

I Best wishes, be positive!!!!!

Nicky :-) x

Hi Frost :)

I hope you're getting somewhere with your doctors. Again, as you're a virgin it's very unlikely because most CC is caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. At any rate, ask your doctor to refer you to a gynaecologist at your local hospital. Unfortunately many gynaecological conditions all have the same symptoms. I've been referred for a colposcopy because of severe abnormalities with my first smear test but I also suffer from a disease called Endometriosis which has similar symptoms to the ones you have described. Good luck anyway, let us know how you get on x