New and scared...

Hi, I'm not sure where to start to be honest and feel a little like a fraud as I'm in early stages of investigation, but I'm scared and just need somewhere to air my thoughts with people who have gone through similar experiences. I'm 32 and have two boys (ages 5 & 7) I was sterilised 4 years ago after having two traumatic births - the second resulted in 4 hour emergency survey due to a bleed on my uterus. I had my last smear in 2010 which came back completely normal. However, about a year ago I started bleeding (brown in colour) after bowel movements and thought nothing of it as a few days later my period always started so I assumed they were both connected. Then, about 6 months ago, I started bleeding during intercourse, it was always a lot of red fresh blood and I continued to bleed for a few days after. I am still bleeding after intercourse, but not as much during, and I am also bleeding after BM each time and notice now that sometimes it comes with small clots (sorry if it's too much information), it lasts for a couple of hours then stops, and starts the next time. This past week I have started bleeding randomly - just like the beginning of a period, and it's quite a bit (I have to change my clothes) and it stops within a couple of hours (I had my period about 2 weeks ago - a little less). I went to the GP yesterday and she gave me an internal examination and told me she could see bleeding inside and it wasn't normal so has referred me for an urgent pelvic ultrasound and appointment with the gynaecologist. Do I have a right to worry? of course I've done the silly thing and gone to Google and scared myself silly :(

Hi Kels80
To answer your question, about whether you should worry or not, well we all worry when things are not normal!
your symtoms could be many things apart from cervical cancer, which is the worry that brought you here.
Cervical Cancer symptoms vary so much from woman to woman, as do other things like abnormal cells, fibroids,
to name just 2.
I know from reading through this site for a few years that some people have symptoms that are severe and turn out to be
infections, or abnormal cells which are easily treated, and others have hardly any symptoms or no symptoms
that turn out to be cc.
And we all google, and fear the worst, your certainly not alone there!!
No amount of worry will change things for you at the moment, as you dont know what is wrong yet. You will soon be
in the hands of the experts, who will diagnose and treat you swiftly.
Hope this helps

Hi Katie

Thank you so much for your reply. I’m trying so hard to stay away from Google - which is why I came here. I know there are so many other things it could be and I need to stay positive, but it’s tough huh?

I know there’s nothing I can do but wait, but waiting is the hardest part, as you all already know having gone through it. :oops:

Hi just wanted to send you a message to say my friend had all the symptoms like I did before diagnosis - bleeding after intercourse, staving pain etc and we were all worried suck for her. Turns out it was all stress related after a move abroad. As was said innocent things can cause these symptoms but you have 100% done the right thing to go get it checked put. Everyone on here will say the same thing the waiting is the worst bit. I am the worst googler and it does nothing but get me thinking the worst so when I have the urge I come on here and post whatever is worrying me x

Thank you Toca, and I’m so pleased your friend is ok! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it’s not stress related, I have a relatively normal/boring life haha

I’ve always had issues with periods, UTIs and so forth so I’m hoping it’s just another downfall of being a woman. On the other hand I’m scared that I’ve left it so long.

But I know I’ve done the right thing and can only sit and wait gulp


Hi, I just wanted to come and update you on my situation. It helps me to get through the stress of waiting.

So two weeks ago I had my scan (internal). The radiographer said that all looked ok and that the report would be sent to my gp.

Last weds I had an appointment with the consultant. I told him the symptoms I am experiencing and when I told him I was experiencing bleeding after bowel movement he said this puzzled him… Now after research this is a sign (potentially)of CC I thought? Shouldn’t he know that? Or am I wrong?

Anyway, he gave me an internal examination and told me my cervix looked ok, but then paused and asked if I had any issues having the coil inserted or did my doctor at the time say there were any problems. This comment worried me.

He decided to take a biopsy (ouch)

He also asked me to get a copy of my scan as he hadn’t had it and told me to come back in 4 weeks.

Today I collected the scan report, whilst everything was ok, it also said a few nabothian cysts on the cervix were noted.

I’m not sure what all this means but I’m now waiting to see the consultant again on the 6th Nov :?

Hiya Kels80, i also had an ultrasound scan just over a year ago now and i have 3 of them cysts on my cervix, no follow up appointment was made as they said a lot of ladies get them and there harmless, i mentioned it to nurse when i went for my smear last week and she said arnt you having follow ups to which i answered no so now im confused. Should i have had them looked at or not? x