So worried!

4 and half years ago I started bleeding after sex. It’s not everytime, often old blood and nothing has got better or worse in them 4 years. Over the years ive been back and fourth to gp appointments, smear (always normal or hpv negative) pelvic exams, ultrasounds and even a ct scan in July 2021, none of which has showed up anything concerning. Today I finally got an appointment with a gynecologist after being referred on for suspected endometriosis. She said nothing about endometriosis, fixated on every detail of the bleeding after sex (not sure if thats good or bad) and during examination saw a tiny 3mm red patch She said was an ectropian. She said that it bled a tiny amount when touching it unlike anywhere else on my cervix that was fine when being pressed. Im hopefully having this treated in September as She believes this has been the cause of the problem, but A. I don’t understand why no one else has seen this on pelvic examinations and b. She said I should book in for my smear test.
Now I’m so so worried about the results even before I’ve had the smear.
I specifically remember voicing my concerns about cervical cancer to my doctor in December who said my symptoms would be worsening after all this time if that was the case, but now I feel sick to my stomach that this has been happening all this time due to something more sinister.

Im sorry im even writing in this forum once again without being diagnosed with anything, but it just seems a never ending worry.

Hi @Zara88 i didn’t want to read and run. I don’t doubt it a very anxious time for you. Y

Easier said than done try not to dwell on what has happened in the past as you cannot change that. You are doing the right thing getting the smear done to give you some assurances.

The worse part of always the waiting. You got this

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Thank you for the kind reply. x