I went to the Drs today due to bleeding after sex. All previous smears normal the last one April 2012. Dr did a smear and said cervix inflamed and then bled. Did swab and is requesting a scan is this the normal procedure Especially when I started bleeding after the smear. Why could it be inflamed. Now have to wait for results and I am so scared. 

I would appreciate any comments. Thanks

Hi Dani,

Really glad you got to the doctor today and so sorry to hear they couldn't put your mind at rest yet. However, they are checking you out now and I hope you get some answers soon. The tests will give a clearer idea of what, if anything, is going on. Guessing and Googling will not help at all!! Not knowing is just the worst but you are going to have to wait. They are the only ones that can find out what's happening. It's great that they are on the case! Has the GP given you any idea of how long it will be?

In the meantime, try to distract yourself and do activities that you know reduce your stress. If you start to wobble, post a message and we will try to calm you. Hang on in there, Dani! :)

Kirsty xx

I just feel in a bit of a state. Now knowing I have to wait for results. Now I feel it is more serious as I was told my cervix was inflamed and bled whilst doing 

the smear. Why would the dr want me to do a scan when my results are not even back. 



Hi Dani,

When I had my smear back in May i bled. The wand they use was covered when the nurse had finished and i bled a little for a couple of days after and also had mild period type cramps.  The nurse reasurred me at the time this was no indication of anything being wrong.  As you will see from my story below the results came back abnormal however I asked again regards the bleeding when I went for my colposcopy and was once again told this was not in itself an indication of anything being wrong.  Hopefully that will offer you a little reasurrance.

I see you are only two years from your previous smear and it was clear, so hopefully it wont be anything too serious.  I was unfortunatly very late for my smear (2.5yrs overdue) so it had been 5.5 years since my previous smear. I mention that as I dont want you to draw compariosons to my situation...keeping fingers and toes crossed for you x 

Hi Dani,

Regarding your scan, the doc probably just wants to find out as much as possible about what's going on in your pelvis as quickly as possible. The results from the smear will only tell you about the cells on your cervix but there may well be another - maybe not too scary - reason for your symptoms. The sooner you know where you stand the better. We all understand how awful the waiting is. Sending you hugs!

Kirsty xx 

Hi Dani,

The waiting and not knowing is quite definitely the worst bit of all. Everyone here seems to agree that even being told that you do have cancer is better than sitting, waiting not knowing. So that means that by the time you have some news you have already dealt with the worst bit :-) It was really good that you went to see the doctor straight away and I hope your wait for results doesn't take too long. Meanwhile I shall keep my fingers crossed that you don't have anything too nasty happening down there. There can be a host of different causes of post-coital bleeding so try not to convince yourself you have cancer.

Be lucky


Thanks for all your comments but I'm still freaked out and I can't seem to get myself in order. I completely have no appetite. I don't even want to talk to anyone. My dr said when I saw her she was arranging a scan even befor the results. Why would this be. Is she very concerned?? I do have private health insurance is it worth my while to see if I can get the scan any quicker. I just know I can't wait two weeks. I'm going out my mind with worry.

Hi dani 44


I'm looking for advice myself but when I can across this I had to comment. I was in the same situation as you. Clear smear April 2012 and went to the doctor in November for bleeding after sex! So in my siituation I was diagnosed with cervical erosion- which is nothing serious but when the cervix is touched it bled. I also had a colposcopy where they took biopsies and found CIN3. I was quickly treated- LLETZ. Its all a bit daunting but just keep positive.