Very worried

Hi, hoping you can help, I’m going to get my first colcospy on Friday, very worried.
It all started a few months ago when I started bleeding after sex ignored the first few times as I thought it could be nothing. But it kept happening went the the doctor had a few swaps taken, no infections but she has still referred me, now it’s painful after sex, still bleeding after sex to. I’m really worried, I had a smear done in 2014 came back fine, I’m 26 this year, has this happened to any one else, I’m just so worried, please help x
Thanks x

Hi, I'm pretty much in the sane position as you just a bit further along the process. I bleed after/during sex have done for over  a year I get the pains and in constantly feeling fatigue. After many trips to doctors and swabs etc I was referred to gyno. The gyno thought I had an ectropian so I went back the following week for colposcopy and cold coagulaction. During colposcopy a biopsy was taken which came back with CIN 2 (pre cancerous cells) I'm going back on Monday to have LLETZ where they will take 1cm of my cervix away which will hopelly get rid of the CIN 2 and the ectropian. the gyno said the ectropian would be causing the bleeding etc but since having it treated I am still bleeding just the same but I will discuss this with her Monday. so try not to worry to much I know the waiting is awful but in my case nothing to serious has been found and fingers crossed this will all be over soon. Hope that helps you a bit good luck xx 

Thank you so much for your message x it has made me feel a bit better x