Awaiting smear results

Hi I’m new to this forum. Over the past month I’ve been bleeding/during after sex and having a lot of pressure in my pelvic area. I’m not on any contraception for other health reasons so It can’t be that. I went and got a smear test last week and am patiently waiting for my results. My last smear 3 years ago was normal.

I also had a pelvic exam with my GP a few days ago and she said all looked fine minus a few red spots on my cervix which was probably due to having a smear test a few days before. This settled me at the time however, I’m now back to worrying it may be cancer. Should she not of taken that further giving my symptoms? There’s family history of cervical cancer and I’m beside myself with fear :frowning:

Waiting for results is worrying and it’s easy to think the worst, and unfortunately, no amount of turning it over in your mind will make a difference. You did the right thing seeking medical advice regarding your symptoms. Bleeding after sex and pelvic pain can happen for many reasons but should be investigated. Hang in there and wait for your smear results. If anything sinister is going on, it should be picked up there and any further tests or treatment needed as a result will be carried out. Try and let this reassure you. You are in the system and are being monitored. There is more chance that your symptoms are not related to cervical cancer.

Thank you for your reply. You’re absolutely right!! The wait is just agony though!