Not sure what is happening?

I am 31 years old with 2 children and  I've had problems over the past 6-9 months with bleeding after intercourse and changes in my periods (extremely heavy) and very painful and experienced difficulty "pooping" whist on my period as the abdominal pain was excruciating, I went to see my gp and explained ,as my smear wasn't due till August 2015 she suggested putting me on the pill (cilest ) as I'd had a break from the pill since my 4 year old daughter was born so I've been on the pill now 3 months and I have no painfull periods or difficulty going to the toilet and 1-2 days very light bleeding!, Ive still been bleeding after intercourse, so I've had my smear test today and as the nurse was doing the procedure I started to bleed quite heavily from my cervix to which she isn't now sure if my smear test will go through as the procedure caused me to bleed but she's going to send it off anyway I've just to wait to hear back, she has told me to go to my gp and ask to be sent to see a gynaecologist, I asked if in her opinion it was anything to worry about and she just said she couldn't say either way, which has left me extremely worried, cancer is quite common in both males and females on my fathers side'any advice or anyone been through anything similar I'd love to hear from you.

My periods were really bad painful sex and lower back pain, wen having my smear I also bled but my cervix is very high! Had servere changes and hpv ha my colposcopy and had LLETZ under general had results Saturday and was cin2 and alls ok as removed it all!! I know we worry but all these problems dont mean cancer! You've had your smears n kept them up to date and thats a massive positive! Keep focused and strong it's a horrible time we have all been there! Sending love and good luck xxx

Hi hun,

im not sure about the bleeding, but heavy painful periods and difficulty or pain when pooping can be signs of endometriosis, which I have. I got myself into a right state before my (well) overdue first smear about my pelvic and back pain, but I was having a massive endometriosis flare. 

I really hope your sample goes through and it's all ok hun, lots of love


Thank you since my last post I've been to my gp and been referred to gynaecologist and have an appointment for a colposcopy on 3rd September so,fingers crossed I'll get some answers, the gp did mention that my cervix did need some " attention" and mentioned something about lazering?


Hi Lisa, how did you get on with your colposcopy? I have been having the same problems and have a colposcopy appointment tomorrow. I had a private smear done last week and apparently I bled a lot although there was only a little on the maternity town she gave me! 

I have been really worried as to why I bled but finding answers has been impossible :( I have convinced myself I have cancer and this past week I have been a total mess :(