Scared and need some clarification

Hi all, please could you help clarify some things for me ? I'm freaking out quite a lot and probably unnecessarily as my mum has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and so I'm probably just being paranoid.  Basically a good few months ago I had 2 periods in the same cycle and didn't think anything of it and put it down to it just being a random one off as it had never happened before.  I always get my period usually every 30-33 days and then in November I randomly got my period 10 days approx early, I then got my last period on 18/19th December which was about right and finished as normal. My husband and I had intercourse yesterday morning and I went to the toilet after and noticed that the discharge had a pinky bloody tinge in it, I went to the toilet a couple of times throughout the day and each time I've wiped it's been the same, it's not the same color blood as a period and then I'm still experiencing this today, its not heavy at all, I've not needed pads or anything but have not had this before.  I've googled why Im getting it as was worried and spoken to my mum and a couple of friends and they've said to get it checked out so now I'm really worried.  I've read about this being a symptom of cervical cancer but am not sure what the bleeding would be classed as for the symptom, as in should it be very red and heavy or are they talking abut what I'm experiencing? Do you think what I've said I'm experienced sounds like it could be? Would really appreciate your advice xx

Hey. Sounds scary, sorry you've had to go through that. Also seems like there are loads of things it could be, why don't you go and have a chat with your gp? Sure he'll be able to put your mind at rest. Always better to ask and get checked rather than fretting. Am not an expert so wouldn't want to say any more than that sorry. Chances are itll all be ok :-)

Hope it's all fine for you 



Hi I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, however my motto is if in doubt check it out. I know it sounds scary but if it is something chances are it would be early although sounds more like an infection to me Hun.