Worried - advice please

hi all I'm wondering if I could have some advice. 


Had a smear in April 2013 and everything was normal. For the last 6 month I have been getting bleeding in between periods and a thick brown discharge. I'm on the mini pI'll and not always great at taking it on time so always but the bleeds/ discharge down to this. But the last week I've had lots of pain - like period pain which I never get in my belly back. 


I I can't get a doctors appointment now until January but I'm so worried. I have spoken to the doctor who have said it won't be Cancer because the abnormal cells would have been picked up in my last smear But I don't think that's right. I'm so scared x 

Please don't be scared sweetheart, and I'm sorry your post has been left unanswered for so long. I am NOT a doctor and I cannot guarantee anything, but this REALLY doesn't sound like anything much to get worried about. Us women are very complicated pieces of machinery down there and it's very easy for a tiny little thing to go ever so slightly wrong, be it a missed period or a bit of discharge or whatever. If the doctors thought it was anything to worry about I expect they'd try to fit you in before January. I think they like to save a few gaps in their schedules to cope with real emergencies, so just be happy that you aren't one of those OK?

Be lucky