Worried about results (children mentioned)

Hi everyone

i had a routine smear 10 days ago after having normal smears all of my life, I'm 40 and have 3 children, i had a letter last Friday with an appt for a colposcop they scheduled for this coming Friday, I rang my doctors as I hadn't found out my results apart from saying it was abnormal and the doctor told me that I have suspected glandular Neoplasia, I'm worried sick! Does this basically tell me I have cancer? Please help anyone who is in the same boat, she basically said I will need surgery or more treatments, so worried xx


Thats all the letters do say (ie that it was abnormal). When you go for your colposcopy you will be told if its CIN 1, 2 or 3. CIN 1 is that a small part of your cervix is covered with abnormal cells. 2, is a larger part, and 3 is that most of it is covered. Glandular is CGIN, which is basically the same, except higher up the cervix. You will probably have a combination of both, ie I have CIN 3 and CGIN. None of these are cancer. You will be given the option to have the treatment (LLETZ) there and then. I recommend you do (you are already in position afterall!). I have had two LLETZ (Feb and May). They are uncomfortable, but not painful (and I have not had children!). So although its easier said than done, please try not to worry.

Take Care xx

Thankyou so much ive been worrying all day as the doctor sounded so serious, because ive never had an abnormal smear before its all so daunting, im wanting friday to come now so I know! Xx