smear results

Had smear test last week. Doctor has phoned today to say ive got to go to hospital on monday because ive got abnormal cells. 'Glandular nepolysis' ( cant spell it). Im quite worried. Bit of advice would be great as to what to expect to have done and what all this means. 

Hi, do u mean "glandular neoplasia" ? This is basically abnormal cells that are in the cervical canal. Obviously I can't comment too much on this as I don't know if that's what the doctor even said. The abrieviation of it is CGIN. I have CIN so mine is different. Yet there are many many ladies on here with CGIN so maybe use the search tool on this forum and look at some of the ladies who have posted (relating to CGIN). It can be treated so keep your head up Hun. Xxxx

Hi. Yes thats the one. I will type that in now on the searches. Thanks. What do you there lots of different abnormalities. Im too scared to type in on google as you always here the worst. My friend recommened looking here instead. X

It's ok :) I'm not an expert just what iv picked up from this website to be honest, but... 

There are mainly 2 different abnormalities that show up, one being CIN (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) and CGIN (cervical glandular intraepithelial neoplasia). CIN is found in the cells on the face of the cervix, and CGIN are found in the cervical canal. CGIN can be harder to diagnose as obviously it's a hidden area as such, so the fact that they have picked it up is a good thing in my opinion as they now know they need to check further up your canal. I think they do a ECC which is an endo-cervical cuterage. This will most likely be done at the hospital appointment on Monday. Also they will probably take biopsies too. This is just like a posh smear so don't be afraid of this. I think (Iv read) that CGIN is treated in the same way that CIN 3 is. CIN has 3 stages to it you see. CIN 1 doesn't need treatment, they watch and wait to see if the abnormal cells go away on their own. CIN 2 they tend to treat using a lletz. And CIN 3 they defiantly treat and remove the bad cells by cutting them out with an electrical loop wire. Sounds awful but it's not. So yeh anyway I think they treat CGIN in the same way they treat CIN 2 and 3 and possibly do a lletz. I had one 2 weeks ago and I thought it was fine. They don't stage CGIN by a number so don't expect one. Main thing is they have picked it up and the docs and nurses are brilliant. Write any questions you have down and take them with you Monday. Xxxx