Found out today my smear result showed a query for glandular neoplasia (cgin). i have a colposcopy booked thursday. my doctor said it is more serious than normal results as it may indicate a cancer is already present which is why my colposcopy is so soon. 

I am terrified about this, I have a little boy who needs me. We also we about to ttc so am so upset this May mean they take my uterus. 

Does anyone have any experience of cgin? Online it still says it doesn't necessarily mean cancer but that's all I can think, :-(

I was hoping another lady with experience would of replied but I didn't want you not getting one so... 

Like I say I haven't experienced CGIN yet iv read alot on the whole subject. CGIN is abnormal cells in the cervical canal, CIN are abnormal cells on the face of the cervix. I don't know why your doctor has said the C word to you I think it's quite bad that she/he have said that this early on. CGIN is much harder to detect due to the fact they are in your cervix canal and some ladies have it quite high up in the canal of which goes undetected until further testing. CGIN is treated usually the same as CIN 3, so mainly by lletz procedure, if not then most likely the cone biopsy. Many many women on here had CGIN and had treatment to remove the PRE-cancerous cells and they have gone on to be fine and clear of bad cells. So please do not worry too much, the fact you have your colposcopy soon is brilliant as you will get answers you need very soon. Keep your head up though. Wish you the best of luck xxx

Wow I cannot believe your doctor has mentioned the C word 

firstly as Gem has said this is harder to detect as it's in the canal itself and not on the surface

this no way inclines that you have CC, treatment is normally the same way that CIN is treated

your doctor shouldn't of mentioned CC as she couldn't possibly know this that's why everyone gets sent for a colposcopy for further

testing xxx

Thanks both! The second I heard the C word I got a bit hysterical, which wasn't ideal when home alone with a toddler. My poor little boy though I had gone crazy I think!

At least I wasn't at work I suppose.

I just need to get Thursday out of the way. Dreading it though, I am so scared they will say the C word. I can't leave my boy without a mommy.


I'll try and think positive, wish you both lots of luck for your results xx


Aww bless you, good luck with tomorrow hunny ;) I'm sure you will be ok but if you want to talk then this forum and the ladies on here are amazing. If they offer you treatment tomorrow then take it there and then as you won't have to wait longer then, so it's not a bad thing if they offer it you there and then it's a case of "we are down here so might aswel" but think you may have it under general as its tricky to reach up the canal. Write some questions down ready for tomorrow as your mind goes blank once your in there. Good luck and big hugs xxxx