Confused by my letter from colposcopy

Just received a letter that’s confusing me,

It says my cervical screening test “showing glandular neoplasia of endocervical type” (which I think I was aware of)

But it says “the endometrial pipelle biopsy has returned showing no evidence of any cancerous or ore-cancerous changes and the LLETZ excision has shown CIN3 high grade pre cancerous changes”

So the glandular changes on the cervical screening weren’t found on the biopsy?

So I’m assuming I’m waiting for them to say what they’ll do about that and if I need to have anything done about the CIN3?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation or can help me get my head about what this all means?

Hi @LucyJ

It does look that way, smears dont diagnose the cells they just indicate something could be there the biopsy is the real diagnostic… smears just decribe how different the cells look from normal, so its likely there was some inflammation that made the cells look different

Its highly likely the next steps would be another LLETZ, if margins wernt met, if they removed all of the abnormalities this time around you should be offered a 6 month test of cure smear xx

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Thank you.

I called the secretary and she advised I’m on the MDT list for 1st feb. So at least o know o won’t hear anything before then and can try and switch off and enjoy my birthday