Cin 3 returned

I had a smear 6 months ago showing mild changes and hpv.
Because of the hpv I got referred for a colposcopy where I had biopsies. These came back cin3. I had a lletz to remove these cells. Results from the letz showed no abnormal cells at all. When I questioned the hospital they said they must have all be removed with the biopsy. I found this hard to believe but took the information. Last month I had a routine colposcopy just to see that it was all healing. When they put the dye on nothing changed so they said I didn’t have to have biopsies but just a smear to confirm that it was all ok. As it looked that way during the colp now my results have come back severe changes cin3! I am so confused has this happened to anyone before.


Hi there, not exactly the same but every time I have lletz they tell me I have clear margins then it comes back exactly the same (cin3) six months later. But when I question them they always say its probably just cells "left behind". Its such a worry isn't it?! Anyway best of luck with your next appointment and your more than welcome to message me

Debs :-)