Confused.. Smear borderline changes.. Biopsy CIN3

I got my results last week, but the more I think about it the more confused I get. How can my smear be borderline but yet I have CIN3 on biopsy! Could it be a mistake? I just don’t understand. Can anyone shed any light please?

Hi there Midwife to be 


I'm pretty much in the same boat as you my smear test result came back borderline changes with hpv found but at the colposcopy the doctor said that my cervix looks fine and healthy but she took a biopsy anyway which on my letter the results of the biopsy have  come back serve changes colopoasist impression low grade and I'm am being offered LLETZ treatment next week :( my letter don't mention adnormal cells or cin at all I'm so so confused and scared  because to me the results don't make sense and I'm so so scared that what if something has been missed or something else is found :( if anyone could help or advise me too aswell I would be very very gratful to many thanks 

Midwife  to be have you had your LLETZ yet xxx 


Lots of love Traka xxx 

Hi Trakka

glad I'm not the only one. It's on my mind all the time especially as I've been going to the doctors for over a year because of abnormal pain and bleeding. 

I was so shocked when the letter came through and said I had CIN3. I was expecting just to have to have a repeat smear in 6 months. 

I have my appointment for LLETZ  the 2nd which feels ages away. No doubt I'll have to wait longer for my results because of Christmas too. 

big hugs

fiona x

Hi midwife to be 


Thank you for your quick reply I'm know exactly how you feel with all the worries and questions being on your mind all the time I'm so confused with my results it really don't make sense to me :( and the questions are driving me Bananas :( I wasnt expecting the letter to come back as serve changes I was expecting  the follow up in 6 months to a year myself :( the main questions i keep asking are what are the changes and why wasn't this found at colopscopy :( I'm so scared that something else is going to be found :( or I'm not being told something what makes things worse is that I havnt had any adnormal bleeding,pains or anything i just wish next week would hurry up and come now as all this waiting is horrible :( 


big hugs to you too Hun and like me try to think positive and keep yourself busy 

lots of love Traka xx 

All the best to You keep in touch x

I'm not sure I can shed any light on this for you but I am in the same position. Smear showed borderline/mind result and +HPV. At the coloscopy the nurse said the changes looked mild but did 4 biopsies because, in her words, "Sometimes these things go deeper than we can see". 

Biopsy results came back Cin 2 and Cin 3 - moderate/severe changes. I couldn't really understand it. For my lletz procedure I saw the consultant, she said the smear result, "doesn't tell us very much". I have just taken it to mean that the smear sample didn't accurately show the extent of the.abnormalities.

I'm now 1 week post lletz and so far (fingers crossed) recovery has been good. The nurses and consultant were very reassuring, talked to me and kept me distracted the whole time and with the anaesthetic I actually didn't feel a thing. 

Best of luck for your procedure and results.

Interestingly, my consultant said that 'borderline' doesnt necessarily mean 'lower than mild', it means 'we can see something abnormal, but don't have enough info to tell what'.

I had a borderline smear, then CIN1 and CIN2 on the biopsies. Seems to be quite common, from what I have seen on here!

Thank you for your reply Lauren. Good luck with your results x

That really helps moggsy, thank You.