Hi I'm new and SCARED

Hello. I had a smear test 11th Oct. Didn't here anything I'm so used to having clear tests I wasn't worried. Well i got my results on the 24th saying abnormal of course I panicked and I was being sent for a colposcopy had to wait 2 weeks. Well i got the letter a day later! And my appointment is tomorrow 30th it all seems to be moving so fast!! And to top it off my letter said suspected CGIN do I googled and I've officially not slept of eaten properly for days I'm so panicked. 

Will they tell me I've got Cancer tomorrow? 

What's the chances? 

Was everyone else rushed? 

My brain is going 100 miles and hour I can't focus on anything.



just to wish you good luck tomorrow and to maybe take someone with you for support. It's pretty scary when you're not sure what to expect and I don't think the letters are always helpful.

Just had a quick look on this site and it describes CGIN as this:

If your cervical screening result shows abnormal cells you may be asked to attend a colposcopy appointment. Remember testing positive for CIN or CGIN means that you have abnormal cervical cells that may lead to cancer if untreated, but CIN and CGIN are not in themselves cancerous. Treatment for abnormal cellular changes is usually very successful.

If you're being called into colposcopy it's likely they are wanting to have a better look and might take a biopsy Which may sting a little but will give more accurate results. I was called in with very little explanation and thought it was just a routine check up and they ended up doing something called a Loop excision under local anaesthetic. Essentially removing any abnormal cells to prevent further changes or spreading. Again it stings a little but fairly minor.

It was then a few weeks wait for the results which is probably the most stressful bit so keep yourself busy.

Its a good thing they are getting you in quickly and hopefully they can give you more information tomorrow.



Not sure how much help I can be. I had borderline endocervical cells on a smear 5 years ago. I had colposcopy which detected a small area. Biopsy revealed cin 1 and low grade cgin. I had Lletz and touch wood all 6 monthly smears and check ups are clear and I'm mow on yearly. 

With cgin there is low and high grade. High is equivalent to cin 3. 

Good luck tomorrow xx

Hi, just wanted to jump in this boat with you! I'm new also. I had my smear which came back as abnormal and positive for HPV :( My colposcopy was done last Friday (27th Oct) and they did a punch biopsy (ouch!!).

So now I'm in the dreaded wait for results. No idea what to expect or what will happen next. I've obviously Googled everything under the sun and am now convinced I have cancer.

Hope everything went ok for you yesterday and happy to chat while we wait for results as I know it's gonna drive me crazy!

Thanks everyone for the kind words. It wasn't as bad as I thought my partner came with me. 

The doctor said I had a large lesion and manage to remove it. 

It's now waiting time. From my my smear results to my colscopy was only 6 days! So I'm hoping my biopsy results come in quick too! Wishful thinking.

The doctor seemed quite confident it wasn't cancer but the nurse kept saying your be back to see us soon. They can't tell from a microscope if it's cancer can They??