in need of some friendly advice - really worried

I had lltez under G/A july last year for severe cin2. Since then i have had 3 check ups at my local colposcopy clinic. just before xmas i was tested for the HPV virus and recieved a letter saying it was all clear and that i could go back to having three yearly smears. However, in january i recieved another letting telling me that i had been given the wrong results and that i infact have the HPV virus and am high risk. After lots of angry tearful calls i was seen a week later back at colposcopy, they did another smear which came back clear (they all have previously) and said as a precaution they would see me in clinic again in 4 months as all my previous smears have come back clear and I was diagnosed with cin2 only through biopsies.

I had another colposcopy in August this year and was told that all looked good and providing the smear was clear i could be discharged from clinic. I have just recieved a letter saying that I have borderline changes in the glandular cell and they will see me within 3 months.

Can anyone PLEASE help me with the following:

Is this result the same as CIN2?

Could this cause me to bleed a week before my period is due?

I still sometimes bleed after sex, is this why? I was tod that it could be that my cervix is still healing!

I dont want to sound dramatic or offend but could I have cancer further in my womb?

I am soo scared and confused and thought that after suffering three years with doctors ignoring my pleas after finally finding what was wrong last year I could put all this behind me.

I would be so grateful if anyone could help


Hey Louie,

Sounds like you've had a stressful time with all the results. Fingers crossed you can get a clear result soon!

There are two types of abnormalities - CIN and CGIN. CGIN starts in the glandular cells which are higher up in the cervix and can be harder to detect with a smear test. This could be what your borderline changes are - CGIN. It's treated in the same way as CIN. Lletz treatment crosses the transformation zone between where the CIN/CGIN cells originate so any abnormalities there previously would hopefully have been picked up during your treatment under GA.

As it's a borderline result it would be CGIN1, I think, (so the same level as CIN1, the earliest stage changes).

I'm not a doctor or anything - this is just info I've picked up from my own reading. As for your other queries then I'd say definitely tell the colposcopist you've had those symptoms, but they don't have to mean cancer...and a borderline result is very early so fingers crossed this can be treated quickly and easily.

Take care xx


Hello, you sound about as fed up as me!!

Like Jo mentioned CGIN is a bit different but borderline is very very minor so hopefully not too much to worry about. I feel for your worry about the HPV test, my consultant forgot to ask for one at my follow up and I have no idea if I am positive or negative!! I also know the worry of abnormal smears after LLETZ.

Your symptoms could be down to anything but def mention them at your next appointment as there is obv something going on


Keep your chin up