Worried about cervix

Hello I have had two pre cell treatments in the past and since than my annual smears have been fine, this year my periods have become very heavy and I’ve been getting an odd stabbing pain in my cervix ( any time of the month)
Sometimes tampons won’t stay in and this time I had a feel to find out why! I found a pea shape Lump and panicked I’ve just come back from the nurse who gave me my smear as it was due now anyway, she said she can’t see a lump but can see a shinny area on my cervix that does not look angry! I’m don’t know what that means!!
She said to wait and see what the smear comes back as first, now I’m sore inside and I’m assuming that’s from the smear.
I am totally stressed and scared.
I’ve a three year old and I’m sure down there has never been the same since birth lol. Many thanks for reading X


I had a smear on Friday last week which was over due ! I went as my last period was very light and not 'normal' for me. I then had light spotting so booked in for my smear, which the nurse told me had a trace of blood so I maybe recalled. My period is not due for another seven days but I have bad cramps just like my normal period pains and have had what looks like my period starting. I am sorry if that is too much information but I am worried sick as have over a week to wait for my results and feel very anxious !

I have been in contact with my nurse and she said it could be a number of things and not to worry it could even be the peri menopause?? I am 42.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated x