This morning I went for my smear test ( was due in fe

b) have been experiencing strange slimy discharge and pelvic pains. Anyway the nurse started to examine me and then said I was bleeding and she wanted to doctor to have a look, he came in and took one look and said they were sending me to the gynaecologist without the results as my cervix was inflamed and red and bleeding. He also took a swab. I'm confused as to what is wrong with me and very scared! 

I didn't stop to ask any questions as I just wanted to be out of there but now I can't stop worrying! Has anyone else been through anything similar? 


Its a. Worrying time when you are waiting for results, but it sounds like your team are moving speedily to give you the best care, which is fantastic. Sit tight and try to keep busy. I hope you get some information soon. The ladies on here will support you whatever happens