Can't help but worry

Hi.  I'm new to this site having only just found it but it's already helped! Basically I'm awaiting my latest smear results which I had done around 2 weeks ago. I'm 27, and have already had smears before. My first one came back abnormal, but this was never really explained to me. I had my 3 repeater smears and all came back ok. I've put this one off for too long, as my first scared me quite a lot. The nurse called lots of people into the room to "have a look" without asking my permission, because something was so unusual. Again this was never explained to me and I just brushed it off after my further 3 smears. 


However, since those I've always suffered from undisguised pain, pain after sex, bleeding after sex, irregular bleeding, blah blah the list goes on. When I went for my smear recently it was incredibly painful, I found it hard not to cry. The nurse said that something wasn't right, but said she didn't want to say anything further and would rather refer to gynaecology at the hospital, and I may have to have some surgery? I asked what this meant and she just said she didn't want to speculate. So I was sent off, awaiting both the smear results and my referral to hospital. As you'd expect I've just been sitting googling things and getting more and more worried. I'm sure it's nothing majorly wrong otherwise I'd be sent to be checked a lot sooner rather than having to wait but I can't help but worry that this is something that's been wrong for years

Hi Indyhannah,

Sorry this is an old post,but just wanted to say Hi and

sorry you didn't get any replies at the time.Hope everything

turned out well.


Becky x