Worried after nurses reaction

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My question is not so much a question just to air my worries really and see what anyone says, basically I had a clear smear 3years ago so was due one again last week which I attended. I have been bleeding irregular and a lot of the time after or during sex, on occasion I have had really bad abdominal pain which came hours after sex and woke me up in the middle of the night. I bled when the nurse did the smear and she did try reassuring me and said my cervix looks healthy. She sat me down and asked me if I was ok looking at pictures of cervix’s i said I was. She went on to show me a normal cervix then a erosion one (sure that’s what it’s called) basically she said a lot of cells from the inside of my cervix are on the outside and said that I have to go now and make an appointment straight away to see the doctor for 2weeks time when my results are back, she said it’s very important I do and he will discuss my options further from there.
I don’t really know what I’m expect ion anyone to say back but just felt I wanted to get anyone’s comments of if they have experienced anything similar. The smear was only last Friday so have abit to wait yet for results
I am a worrier x


I was exactly where you are a few weeks ago, I too am a worrier! But I put a post on here and a lovely person reassured me so hopefully I can do the same for you! I booked my smear because I've been bleeding irregularly and I've been getting pelvic pain. During my smear my Nurse said she could see what she thought was causing the bleeding - cervical erosion or ectropian as it's also known. I was told to go back to my GP to be referred to have it looked at and treated. Like you, this sent me into a state of panic but three weeks later I got my results and my smear was all clear. I'm still waiting on an appointment for Gyneocology at the moment. Hopefully this puts your mind at rest! X

Thankyou so much for writing back to me. This does ease the worry a little suppose u always panic u til you see it in black and white but does make Sence what you saying, what does this gyneocolgy do? Sorry I would Google but never like there answers haha never Google they say haha. What will happen from there do u no how did the doc explain to u? Sorry to be a pain and if u don't want to talk about it I also understand and thanks again for getting back to me xx

It's no trouble! Like you say, you will worry until your results come through but hopefully this helps a little! You're right not to google - I made that mistake! I'm not too sure about the details but basically the Gyneocologlist will have a look, and there's different options for treatment which I think sometimes can be done in the same appt. I'm also being referred for the  pelvic pain so not sure what they do about that - I think an ultrasoun. I've been told they may also take a biopsy of the area and run tests on it just as procedure. Someone here reassured me that the procedure wasn't that bad! You can be referred before your results come in - that would speed things up for you as well, I would talk to your GP if waiting is worrying you x  

Hi there. I wanted to jump on this thread as I have had a cervical erosion. The nurse examined me and straight away said it was an erosion and nothing untoward. She also let me have a look at some photos of cervix, from the inside of her cupboard door. Mine was only really small and I had this treated at a colposcopy appt there and then. A little discomfort, nothing worse than the smear though. I have a tilted uterus, so i always find smear tests uncomfortable anyway. They did take a biopsy before cauterising my erosion and the result came back clear of any cancer or pre cancer. It didn’t help my worrying whilst waiting for the biopsy result. Two positives is that your last smear 3 years ago was clear like mine was, well mine was 2 years prior at the time (next due in Nov) and secondly nurses see cervix all the time and although a colposcopy can confirm what’s what, the nurse still has good experience of knowing a healthy cervix from an unhealthy one. It all sounds positive for you and I think once you’ve been back to doctor for your smear result, they’ll refer you to have the erosion cauterised, which will stop your irregular bleeding especially after sex. Wishing you the very best with your results and treatment x



I had a cervical errosion for years and years - about 7 I think. It made be bleed every day - sometines just spotting sometimes more, and heavier bleeding during sex and smear tests. I was reassured it was nothing to worry about health wise, its just a bit of a pain in the arse if anything - it's not nice bleeding all the time etc., and not something you want to have to explain to a new partner before having sex for the first time! I was offered the treatment where they laser the errosion area away - I think that's the cauterisation, but told there is a chance that after the treatment the errosion would just come back anyway. I opted not to have the treatment - I don't find the bleeding that much of a problem to live with and I didn't want to undergo a procedure that might not make much difference anyway. But then recently I have had to have the same treatment to get rid of some non-related high grade pre-cancerous cells that were found after a colposcopy. The treatment did clear up the errosion as a side effect, but only for about 3 months, after which it came straight back...lucky me! It made me glad I didn't bother to have the treatment just for the errosion when I was originally offered it, as it was uncomfirtable and the I found the recovery to be quite inconvenient and uncomfirtable. Anyway, about 3 months ago I decided to come off the pill (Microgynon). I had my withdrawl bleed after finishing my pill packet but then after that I haven't bled at all outside of my period. Not even a tiny bit. Which is a massive change for me as with the errosion I have bled at least a little bit every single day for about 7 years. I can't believe what a difference coming off the pill has made. When I originally did some research on errosions when it was first diagnosed it did say it can be caused by hormones, so I think in my case it was and the change in hormones from coming off the pill fixed it. I'm not saying that's the answer for everyone, but it's something to consider, especially before opting for an invasive treatment. Maybe just use condoms for a few months and see if it makes a difference. If it's caused by hormones having the treatment won't make any difference to that - the hormones will just bring it back.

Thankyou ladies you both put me at ease, I am still waiting on my smear results it will be 2weeks on Friday so hopefully not much longer to wait 

thanks again I'll let u no how I get on x