Worried and new

Hello ladies,

i am new to the site but have read through so much that has helped reassure me.

I recently attended my local GP for my 3 year smear test. Whilst I was there I mentioned to the nurse that I have currently been having the following symptoms:

- irregular bleeding

- pain during and after intercourse (pain felt deep in my belly)

- bleeding during and after intercourse

- very painful lower backpain

- general feeling of something not right down there.

Nurse starts to examine me and says that my cervix is tilted?? Never heard of this before, is this a problem?

She also cannot insert the speculum in me as my muscles were pushing it out, she tried 4 different ones but no luck. This will be my 3rd smear so I know what happens and have successfully had them completed Fine. Although she did mention that I was very red and inflamed.

Anyay nurse says I'm sorry I can't so this I'm now referring you to the hospital for a colposcopy and for them to do my smear.

im worried the nurse seen something not right down there and hence the referral, given my symptoms too I am worried sick of what it could be.

i think I'm just after a friendly ear to vent too as I dont know what to do at the min or what to think.

thanks, Emma 

Hi Emma, didn't want to read and run without saying you have done the right thing. Hopefully you will get a referral quickly, mine took a couple of weeks. Best of luck with your appointment. Karen

Thank you for your reply Karen, got my appt through for 2 weeks time! Very quick! 

Fan. You are in the system a and they will move things along. Have a list of questions or worries and get the name of someone to call after your appt for followup. Hope it goes OK. Big hugs x

Meant to type Fab!