New here - worrying!



I've just signed up to this forum after working myself into a tizz.


Yesterday after a routine visit to the GUM clinic I mentioned that I'd been having some irregular bleeding and pain during sex. The nurse didn't seem overly concerned until she put the speculum in. She popped her head out the door to get a Doctor who upon looking at my cervix said it was "distorted" and had "clear abnormalities" 

She did me a smear there and then (I was shocked as I'm only 23) and also called through for a fast track colposcopy at the same time. 


As I was leaving I thanked her and she said "you really needed it done"


I'm an anxious person at the best of times but know it isn't standard if you're under 25 & the fact something could be seen by the naked eye has worked me up too!


I suppose I'm looking for reassurance of some sorts, I've got a 5 year old little boy and instantly convince myself everything is the worst case.. All the time haha.


Sorry for rambling a bit! 


Becky x

Hi Becky

Firstly big hugs - what a horrible day for you. 

Try not to worry I know it is hard not to. But if you can try and carry on doing fun things you enjoy, the waiting results is horrible and time goes very slowly when you are  just sat  at home worrying. It could all be something else completely. We sometimes over analys what the nurse said/how she said ( I do this all the time) but it could be that's just her way she might be one of those people who is more on the negative side.  My nurse for example always sounds like she is going to give me v bad news when actually is giving good. Eg. I worked myself up once for 1.5 hours because I thought her message/tone on my voicemail sounded like it was bad news. It was actually good news so I wasted that 1.5 hours of worrying based on what she said  

Try and stay away from google as again you can get lots of wrong information, you have come to the right place it's a great supportive site. 

Lots of love xxx