New here and having a mild panic....

So I'm 27 and have never had a smear before (yes, I know....don't shout) but a few weeks back I had some post-coital bleeding a couple of times which freaked me out. I should point out that I have a mirena coil fitted so I don't have any periods whatsoever, haven't for 3 years. I thought maybe the coil had moved because I couldn't feel the threads, so went to see the practice nurse who had a look and said it was fine. I mentioned I needed to book in for a smear, she said 'might as well do it while I'm down there' she didn't really have a good look or anything, did it really quickly and off I went. Few days later I got a letter saying my sample arrived without the relevant paperwork and to book back in. I went today and the nurse (a different one) did the smear, and had a good look at my cervix. She was there for what seemd like ages and then she said 'Now I don't want you to worry, but I can see a swollen lump on your cervix. It's about the size of a 1p, and when i scraped it with the brush it started bleeding.' 
She went on to explain that there's something called a nabothian cyst, but theyre normally smaller and dont bleed. So she did a few swabs to check for other things, infection and the like (they all came out bright red with blood:( ) She told me the smear takes 2 weeks to come back (2 weeks???) and to book in to see the dr for an internal exam and to talk through the results, but if I'm worried to go sooner. So I guess my question is, should I go sooner?? I'm killer worried, but is there any point in going to see her before I get the smear results back? She won't know anything more until it comes back anyway, so what else can she do? Refer me to gynae I guess? I don't know!! 

Hi mangomay

Please try not to worry too much as the chances of it being anything serious are very slim. Of course, there is a reason you’ve found this forum like the rest of us though so I know that telling you not to panic will only do so much :slight_smile:

If you are really anxious and it’s getting you down I don’t think there is any harm in booking to see a nurse or GP in the meantime whilst you’re waiting. As the nurse said, if you’re worried, go sooner. That’s what they are there for! It’s so scary when information like that takes you off guard. She will be able to put your mind at rest if you go back and at least then you know you’ve done all you can. And you never know, your results may come back sooner than expected.

Chances are this is just a simple cyst or cervical erosion and this can definitely make you bleed. My mum has had this several times. I have also had PC bleeding and other random spotting for over 3 years. Sometimes it’s just one of those things but you should be reassured that you’re doing the right thing in having now had your smear even if it was overdue. You’re on the right track to getting it sorted which I am sure it will be nice and quickly.

Good luck, and try not to worry too much. Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Well I saw the Dr yesterday, couldn't wait for my results I'm stressing too much. She examined me for about 15 mins, ummed and ahhed, said it was reassuring that all the swabs came back negative so there's no infection etc. She said she'd like somebody else to have a look at it so we know what we're dealing with. She was pretty sure it's not an erosion or cyst. She's done an urgent referral to gynae so I should be seen withing 2 weeks and by then the smear will def be back. I'm feeling a lot happier now I've been to see her, but when she was printing off some paperwork, I caught a glimpse of the last page which said 'gynaelogical cancers-referral guidelines' which got me a little worried. However, she's done the referral now, instead of next Tues when my original appt was booked for so I'm happier knowing I'm almost a week ahead of what I would have been had I waited. Fingers crossed for a nice easy little polyp :)