worried after appointment



This is my first post, I'll try not to make it too long.

A few weeks ago I got severe period pains that lasted about three days but were really sore. Ten days later it came back for about four days. Just like period pains but worse. I also had pmt and the usual spots but only very slight bleeding which is usual as I have the mirena coil.


I contacted the family planning clinic in case something was wrong with the coil so went in yesterday to get checked.


When she looked at my cervix straight away she said when was your last smear? I said eighteen months/two years ago. She said are you sure? I as getting worried and she said you have redness on your cervix you need to come back and see the consultant.

She said I had quite a bit of discharge so checking for thrush, B2B and something else. I was quite worried and she said it's probably nothing, the doctor will say I'm just fussing etc but she wouldn't look at me.


I am 35, had my first smear at twenty and have never had an abnormal smear.


I'm extremely worried. I'm going back on Tuesday. She said if she was really worried she would have me in today but she was avoiding me when she was talking.


What are the chances of it bein cancer? I'm so  scared and now every twinge is making me panic.

I'm sorry I'd it sounds silly but I need to talk about it.


Thanks very much.

Hey honey :) just wanted to check in and say try not to worry too much. It could be an infection, ectropian or just inflammation. You don't know anything yet so try not to google and just wait until you've seen an expert, it's very unlikely to be cancer especially as you've had a smear in the last 2 years. Even if it is something more sinister it's very treatable, you're in the system now so just trust that you'll be taken care of. Xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for the reply.


It's too late I already googled! Didn't really help matters.


I have some cramping which I hope is normal after the examination.


She did say I had a lot of discharge.


It's just the way she said it and then wouldn't look at me.


I couldn't go to an appointment today and she said if she was really concerned she would insist I came on today.


It's helpful to think it might be caused by other things but it's hard not to worry.