Worried about cervical cancer

Hey, I'm a 22 year old female with 2 kids and for about 3/4 months I've been having a lot of watery discharge that happens everyday to the point it sometimes feels like I've wet myself, I've also been having discomfort while having sex like the pain goes into my pelvic but never had any bleeding.

My periods seem to be getting heavier and sometimes have a few small blood clots, I have to change my tampon every hour and my period pains are so painful sometimes! Some days they last 5 days and sometimes about 3 days.

Anyway I went to my doctors and she did an examination and she said there was a lot of discharge up there so she did a swab and booked me into have an ultraultrasound which I've got on Thursday and now I'm so worried in case they find something, my swab test came back normal so now I'm just wondering what can be causing all this discharge when my swab came back normal.

What was your symptoms of cervical cancer? And did they pick anything up on the ultrasound?

Will really appreciate the replies x

Hayley first off you did the right thing going to the doctors. There are many things that could be causing your problems mostly hormonal endometriosis comes to mind and since your doctor has asked for an ultrasound I think this is what he has in mind rather than cervical cancer. Depending on your ultrasound results you will probably see a gynecologist and al avenues will be explored. I know its easier said than done but try not to worry about cancer until you have had tests. Good luck and take care x