So I’m 23 and I have been having symptoms that I think could be quite serious or not. I’m on a pill that does cause irregular bleeds, however the bleeds have not been how they usually are. They are usually quite light and will last anywhere between 3-4 days. The bleeds I’ve been getting recently are more like spotting with clear discharge or if I do bleed it’s not very much and usually gone with one wipe. I’ve also been getting shooting pains/aches mostly on my left side before I sometimes have a little bleed (that’s how I know when to sometimes use a panty liner and get one ready). I’ve also had constipation, and constantly feeling bloated or like my stomach is full. I’m not pregnant, I’ve done a test (just in case). Also I have a tilted womb (cervix), so can sometimes bleed after sex anyway, but as said the bleeds aren’t as they usually are.

Also before Christmas I was treated for a uti, which I had to go to a sexual health clinic for as I could not get an appointment at my Surgery (spent an hour and a half on the phone trying to get an appointment!). Before being treated for this however, I did see my GP two weeks before I was treated for the uti, asking to be examined for a uti! The GP brushed it off and told me that it was because of the contraception pill and changed my pill. They also did an examination and put me down to have an ultrasound of my cervix to see if it’s all okay, but I know cervical cancer doesn’t always show up on these scans until the later stages.

I have my scan next week and I’m extremely nervous, I want to go back to my GP and ask for a smear test after my scan, but the problem being is I’m 23 and have already asked for one being told I’m too young.

The worrying and overthinking may have completly gotten to me and I may be overthinking on the matter, but for someone of 23 I have had a lot of problems in my cervix area and know the difference between what’s normal for me and what isn’t.

Any advice would be massively appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to read my concern!

Chloe x

Hi Chloe

i just wanted to message you as i am in exactly the same position! i have just turned 24. Been bleeding after sex and between periods for the last year. Abnornmal discharge (for me), severve bqck and leg pain and bad stomach cramps like im always on my period. Refused a smear over n over again by gp. Begged for a referal to gybo. Went in dec and she literally fobbed me off saying is probably hotmones and had a feel of me internally n said felt ok. Never offered me a smear AGAIN. Had ultrasoud and was all clear which i new would be as they only checked my ovaries. I literally cant sleep or eat i feel sick with worry!! Rang bk today and they said they will try to refer me again but they are not taking me setiously at all. It feels like theres an excuse for everything!! I no my body and i have been like this since nov. So nearly 3 monthw now. I just no i may have CC as all my symptoms are exactly what it is. I feel hurrendous! Iv booked a private colposcopy for 2 qeeka who will take a sample of my cervix and see what the hell is going on but im preparing for the worst :( 


i so feel for You. The NHS is shit!!!!! I would go provate if i was you hun. 




Sorry for spelling its predictive text!! Xx

Hi girls, I am in the same position as both of you. I'm 23, have a lot of blood after sex, constant pain in my legs and in my stomach, constant UTI's and infections. I was fobbed off so many times by the doctors with thrush treatment without them even testing it. The bleeding got so bad after sex though to the point me and my boyfriend didnt have a physical relationship. I eventually saw a different doctor who reffered me straight away to a gynocologist. He diagnoised me with ectopion (erosion) and I am getting treatment for that next week as well as a biopsy to check for nothing else.

I've had these symptoms for over a year and am only just getting taken seriously though so I know how frustrating it is! It's probably nothing but in your head its so easy to convinve yourself that its something serious. I would just keep pushing for the doctors and change doctors if necessary.

Its your body and you need answers if somethings wrong! xx

Please let me no how you get on hun x


your situation is me to a tee. Iv had constant UTIs also but leg pain, back, bleeding afyer sex and spotting and severe cramping. All swabs clear. So not being taken seriously!! 


Had ultra sound that was clear so iv booked

in for a private colposcopy to get looked at. Im so worried its CC :( google is basically telling me i gave it!!! 


pleAse girls keep me updated as i will xxx

Thank you for taking the time to reply! 

Well my scan is on the 25th, that's next week And I'm nervous as hell. I've been so worried about all this and have lost sleep. I suffer from anxeity, so naturally I'm a chronic overthinker! 

Ive already decided that after my scan I'm going to go back to my GP and ask for a smear. I've had some bleeding today and it's been watery and I've had really bad aches, but not in my legs or lower back. I've kept a log of everything that has been going on so fingers crossed that will get me somewhere. 

Its so rubbish when you don't get taken seriously because of your age and you're not yet permitted for a smear. Just want to know what's going on with my body! 


Chloe xx