Cervical cancer worries?

Hi, not sure if I’m posting in the right place. I’m 24, in June I should be due my first smear test. However, over the past few weeks I have been experiencing some worrying symptoms which the doctors are not taking me seriously for due to my age. About 3 weeks ago I bled after sex, only a little bit, then a couple days later I bled heavily (assuming it was my period?) however this lasted for a little over two weeks. I’ve never had a period last that long before. Since then, I’ve been experiencing pelvic pain on and off, increased white/watery discharge. I should add Ive been on and off the mini pill for about 2 months, Im no longer taking it now though. The doctors just keep saying it’s probably hormonal without offering me any kinds of tests, and I know CC is rare for my age group, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I do suffer with anxiety, so I’m not sure whether I’m just looking too much into things and making myself worse.

Sorry that you are experiencing these symptoms, and all the related anxiety. Being 'off and on ’ the pill might be upsetting your bleeding pattern. If you are still experiencing pelvic pain, discharge, or irregular bleeding, I’d suggest booking a nurse appointment to have some vaginal swabs just to rule out any infection, and from there try seeing a gp - if your symptoms are ongoing, and no obvious causes found on swabs, you could possibly be referred for ultrasound scan, or to a gynaecologist. A smear test is a screening test, which you will have after your 24th birthday - it will only look for HPV, it won’t be able to look for any other causes for your symptoms. Possibly, you might be overthinking things, as we all do - I’d encourage you to speak to/ see your practice nurse/ gp, and go from there xxx