think I have cervical cancer

Hi all, I would be grateful for any advice as I can't get the thought of having this and dying early out of my head.  I am waiting smear test results and ultrasound results. I am having coloposcopy on Wednesday as the doctor says something abnormal on my cervix when had smear. I had my last smear last year and all have always been fine. 

I have been spotting for months and not had regular periods for months. If I would have known this was symptoms of cervical cancer in would have gone to doctors months ago. I am currently bleeding and seems to be getting worse and more painful over last 2 days. 

Any help, guidance would be appreciated as I am so miserable and fearing this is my last Christmas. My 2 boys are 4 and 7. 

Thanks, Chris 

hi hon,

it is totally understandable that you are worried, however as you have had a clear smear quite recently it is unlikely that you have cervical cancer. It may be that you need a bit of treatment for abnormalities, or it may be something else altogether. Certainly, in my experience cc had no effect on my periods. i don't think irregular periods are a particular symptom of cc, in fact I would say that points to something else altogether. Irregular bleeding can happen for all sorts of reasons.

Please try not to panic, although I know that's easier said than done. They should be able to tell you more at your colposcopy.


Molly xxx

Hi molly, thank you for replying. I should have said no periods for a while and spotting. Have had bleeds after intercourse. I hope you are right and I don't have it but when the doctor saw abnormalities on the cervix and not waited for results before referring me I fear the worse. 

Hope you are now okay and giving advice gives others strength. Xx 


Hi Chris, I had a similar experience 2 weeks ago when I went to the doctors with constant lower pelvic pain.  She looked at my cervix to take swabs for infections due to the pain and told me she had concerns about my cervix as it didnt look right and there was something definitely abnormal looking about it.  I spent the last two weeks worrying like crazy to the point where I was nauseous and had to be presbribed cyclizine! It didnt help that all the tests came back negative for infections and i automatically assumed the worst.  There can be many reasons the cervix looks abnormal (the gynaecologist's words) and luckily for me it appears i have a nabothian cyst the size of a golf ball on my cervix.   Just try not to worry (which is easier said than done) but at least you are in the system to get seen and I hope everything turns out ok xx

Thanks ellebell,

they did say them word's abnormal. Did you have similar symptoms, blood after intercourse, periods stopped for few months. I  didn't have pelvic pain but I do now, constant for two days. 

I cant really answer the sex question, as I havent been getting any :-( (oh well) but my periods the last three months have been so light (just one day) compared with 6 days previously.  My story is unfortunately not concluded yet as I have to have ultrasound on Monday and wait for biopsy results as the gynacologist said I shouldnt be in pain/discomfort (I think if a golf ball sized ball is poking around up there it is going to be uncomfortable buy hey ho) I'm happy though they are going to look into other areas and am determined to not worry over Christmas.  Please do try not to worry though as it doesnt change the outcome which could be something minor.  I had almost prepared myself for worst news (like youurself, thinking last christmas with my son etc) then burst into tears with relief after, giving myself a good slap for googling too much and thinking negative thoughts xx

You can't help but Google stuff can you though. You sound like you are coping better than me. I will try, I now have started getting a bit of throbbing in top of my leg room might end up doing it again!!!  

Hope all goes well for you xx 

Hello everyone,

Firstly, there is some really sound advice here from both Molly and ellebelle; Secondly, please stop Googling, it won't cure you and is very likely to make you more afraid; Thirdly, once you have got yourself into a bit of a state the mind begins to play tricks on you and you begin to feel aches and pains and strange symptoms that are created only by the fear in your head. Once you've had your test results and been told it's nothing to worry about, you will probably find that your symptoms magically disappear

Now then, I'm just going to approach this from a slightly different angle. If, in the worst case you are told that it is cc, this is not a death sentence and this won't be your last Christmas with your sons unless you don't look when crossing the road OK?

Go well


Tivoli, I will keep my eyes on the road, ha ha

Thanks for the advice, I know I shouldn't worry but so hard not to. 

At the minute I seem to have no patience at all with my husband and kids. I don't realise how bad I am until after, I hate feeling snappy and anxious all the time. 

Tivoli, I will keep my eyes on the road, ha ha

Thanks for the advice, I know I shouldn't worry but so hard not to. 

At the minute I seem to have no patience at all with my husband and kids. I don't realise how bad I am until after, I hate feeling snappy and anxious all the time. 

Hi- reading this I couldn't help but comment- this was me a couple of months ago. I went to the dr with abnormal bleeding after sex and irregular periods (bleeding inbetween even though I'm on th pill) I also like you have always had clear smears but when the doctor had a look at my cervix he also uttered the dreaded word 'abnormal' and referred me for an urgent colposcop- so urgent that it was within 3 days. By the time I went to the appointment I was a nervous wreck expecting the worst. The nurse and doctor who performed the colposcopy were absolu amazing, and explained although I had a number of symptoms I had something called cervix erosion, which they treated there and then. I know it's sooooooo easy to say don't worry but although you have some symptoms of CC- it doesn't mean it is. really hope that it works out for you, let us know. Xx