When does the early menopause start hot flushes

Hi Everyone,

i finished my treatment 10days ago, and im experiancing Hot flushes i believe every so often coming and going, can early menopause happen that quickly? I thought surely not but not sure im 28 with 2 children and experiance these symptoms, also feel really achey and cant get comfortable at night And have headaches. 

Any advice or help please

Francesca xxx

Hiya Francesca,mine started a couple of weeks after finishing treatment. Just a few hot flushes to startbwith but they increased a huge amount very quickly. I refused hrt and tried various different things to calm them down a bit. We finally found 150mg venlafaxine slow release has calmed them down drastically. Still cant wear jumpers and have to sleep with the fan on all night,but hey ho thats just the way it goes. I get headaches too,really niggly ones that wont shift.  x

Hi francesca

I started havin hot flashes about 4 weeks into treatment. .they have gradually got worse and I literally feel like I'm on fire with them now..they start at my feet and I can feel the heat rise up my body. .I have been to menopause clinic but because there is a history of breast cancer in my family they are reluctant to give me HRT..they will probably refer you to someone about them soon..if not ask to be refered xx


I believe it can hun. Mine started almost straight away. I finished my treatment in sept 2012 an by end of oct..... the hot flushes were bad! If i bent down to pick something up. If i hoovered..... even after a hot bath. I would feel it coming from my feet up all the way to my head. My face felt like it wanted to pop! My chest, neck, face and head would drip with sweat. I felt sooooo embaraced. I was 28 too myself back then. My consultant finally gave in to me in the jan 2013 and prescribed me hrt. Because i still have my ovaries i was given the combined pill. Wow.... in just 4 days the hot flushes reduced. The night sweats were managable , with a fan! But yes. Mine started very early. I have alot of damage though. My consultant said that 1 in 20 end up with servere radiation damage.... and im 1 of them Frown. But 5 yrs on im trying my best to get on with life. Its hard at times ive got to admit. But i have my fiance and my 8yr old son to get me through. If you every want a chat, send me a message

Joanna x

Hi Hun,

I had my radical hysterectomy - and within 3 days I was put onto HRT as it affected my blood pressure...etc whilst i was in the hospital.  Since then I've had my medication tweaked loads - and still no joy!

I bought one of those old lady fans....I don't care, I'll try anything Laughing


Anyone gone down the natural route?

It absolutely can happen that early.  Mine started before my treatment ended.  I just didn't know what it was at the time, because so much else was going on!  I had about 4 months of issues, and now I'm a month into my HRT.  The hot flashes are pretty much gone, although I do wake up at night with a very mild night sweat (just throw the covers off for a few minutes and I'm good).  I'm 42 and pretty active, so my doc and I both felt HRT was important to keep my bones from getting brittle.  If you've had radiation you're already at high risk of getting an insufficiency fracture of your pelvis or lumbar spine, so I don't want to make it worse!