Flushes and sweats!

HI Ladies

I am nearly four weeks post red hyst op with ovaries removed.

I am finding that I am now getting hot flushes and sweats.  How soon after op do they start you on HRT? I am only 40 so I know that I will need to go on HRT.

Also is there anything herbal I can take to reduce the symptoms?

Many thanks for your advice

SL xx

Hey , I'm 37 andI wwas really suffering with the menopause symptoms after my op. I've been on hrt fir 2 weeks now and feel fantastic. My advice would be speak to your doc. I was really struggling to sleep and had terrible mood swings and flushes. 

Lea x

Hi there Sunflower Lady,

I am on HRT after having radiotherapy which destroys the functioning of your ovaries. HRT is necessary to replace what your ovaries would have produced. I am 36 and have been told the benefits of HRT outweighs the negatives. Hormones are vital to protect our bones and maintain a healthy heart. I would speak to your GP as soon as possible. I take Elleste 2mg. I have the odd day that I feel a bit 'strange' but otherwise I have found it absolutely fine.

Best wishes xx


i waited 6 weeks to start my HRT and i think this is what delayed my recovery. i take elleste 1mg and really feel ok on it.

the only thing i get is that i am tired if i do too much - stuff i could have handled before.



Hi Ladies

Thanks for your replies.

I spoke to my CNS about herbal remadies and HRT start date. She advised that you have to wait approx 4-6 weeks post-op to minimise DVT risk.

As both HRT and herbal remedies take a few months to kick in she advised to contact my GP and get started on HRT first as they sometimes need to tweak the dosage to get it right. (Oestrogen only as womb has been removed).Once the HRT doseage is settled, if I am still having symptoms then to start adding in some of the herbal remadies - that way I know what is working for me.

Herbally she advised the following

Starflower Oil

Black Cohosh - mood swings / depression / weepiness

Evening Primrose Oil - Breast pain / mood swings

Sage tea or tablets - Hot flushes / sweats

Isoflavones (Soya) such as Red Clover, Liquorice or Alfalfa - hot flushes / sweats.


Also look at introducing Linseed / Tofu / Soya milk / Roasted soya nuts into your diet.  Obviously check with your GP before taking anything.

GP appointment booked for Monday so fingers crossed - knackered this week due to lack of sleep!!

SL xxx 

Also my CNS sent me this link for 'Chillow' - chilled pillows apparently!


Not had chance to look at website yet but might be useful

SL x

Hey there,

I started HRT 2 weeks after surgery.  My consultant told me to do it ASAP as surgical menopause usually kicks in 2 weeks after surgery.  He said to start it then as I wouldn't have any symptoms (which I didn't, thank goodness).  So you may want to check if you can start sooner rather than later?


Tess xx