Hot Flushes etc....

Hi all ....

I had my last treatment (brachy) 7 weeks ago, and I have had a 4 week check up with the oncologist.   In the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing an increase in hot flushes and night sweats, and need to do something about them !!!  When I saw my oncologist I mentioned them to her, but they were infrequent at the time and not such an issue.  Due to the type of cancer I have / had she tells me that she wouldn't recommed HRT and I didnt push this as the problems were infrequent.   Now I am experiencing several night sweats each night and hot flushes throughout the day, so Im looking for any suggestions other ladies may have that have helped reduce both.

Any experiences you have had to help reduce the symptoms will be gratefully received !!




Hi Tracey,

I have experienced the same problem as you lately. I finished my treatment in July last year and only recently have started to get menopause symptoms. I didn't want to go on HRT as after researching I thought I would rather avoid it. I have been using boots menopause herbal tablets and they are amazing it's really helped me and stopped the symptoms. I know they aren't for everyone but they are so many different types there is bound to be one that would work for you :-)


Laura xx

Thanks Laura - I shall take a look.


Hi Laura

How long did they take to start to reduce your symtons ?