I finished my treatment of chemo rads  for cc 2b 8 weeks ago I am happy I don't have any side affects apart from going through the menopause my consultant says I can use hrt but not sure if I want to take it i would just like some info from people who our in or have been in the same boat as me i can handle the hot flushes but my mood swings r cracking me up and i feel aches all over I have my first MRI scan on the 1st sept since I finished my treatment and I am thinking the worst like if the treatment has not worked even thou my consultant says there was only a little bit of tumour left and the brachytherapy would zap it sorry to go on but don't have anyone to talk to really plus I am trying to give smoking up which is hard but I am trying really hard got myself one of them ecigs xxx

Hi hon...I have the hrt patches, oestrogen only and they stopped the flushes, aches and memory lapses within a week with no side effects! My mum bought me an ecig 18 months ago, before the whole cancer thing started and I never had another fag since! Even with the stress of it all. Go for it! Xxx

Hi I can't comment on the HRT patches but just wanted to send you a big hug. It sounds from Helsweld that it's the menopause but only natural for you to be thinking what you are thinking. Do try and give up smoking my cousin is on day 11 of quiting and has been to hypnotherapy which has helped her and not even needed ecig. Hynotheraphy could be a good form of counseling for you also maybe. It's a massive thing you have been through, I think people don't realise the phscological effects it causes us. Lots of love xxx


I never suffered the flushes but like you had terrible joint pain and suffered for a long time.  I was not offered patches but instead a tablet HRT - I have recently come off it after about 10 months and expected to go back to feeling how I did but my joints feel much better now so I may be through the worst.  I am still considering asking for a patch though as want to protect my bones. I was suffering loads of bloating and breast tenderness on kliovance but I understand that your body metabolises it differently hence the reason I'm keen to give patches a go


Take care