Herbal remedies for menopause

Hi, has anyone tried any herbal remedies for menopause symptoms at all?

7 weeks post op and Im having the worst hot flushes. Dont want to go down the HRT route if i dont need to so just seeing if anyone has had any success using anything herbal?

Any help appreciated.

Amy :blush: xx

I’m the same! Horrendous night symptoms. I’m 3 months post surgery and although the oncologist said as my tumour wasn’t hormone positive and she didn’t see why I couldn’t have HRT, my GP was very reluctant to prescribe. I tried various herbal treatments with little success.
My GP was actually really supportive and suggested Sertraline which is an anti depressant/anti anxiety medication which has been shown to be effective in reducing night symptoms. I’ve been taking this for 10 days so far and have to say I’ve seen a definite improvement. He did say I’d need to take them for 4-6 weeks to get full benefit so we’ll see!
I will watch this thread with interest though as I’m keen to see if anyone has had success using the herbal route
Kath x

Thanks for replying Kath, they are a right nuisance arent they especially when its hot like it has been the last few days! Haha.

I spoke to my GP yesterday but he wasnt much help, he just said it was early days after surgery and that I have to give my ovaries time to kick back into action :roll_eyes:. He has asked me to go in for a blood test but that was all.

Glad that your GP has prescribed you something, hopefully that keeps working well for you.


After far too long of struggling with vulvovaginal issues I’ve recently started using a topical oestrogen cream (Ovestin) and things have improved greatly. The dose of oestrogen (oestriol) is tiny.


If I might add: I think it’s important to take the long term issue of bone health into account when deciding how to manage menopause.


Thanks Jazza, Ive booked in for the blood test on Friday so Ill see what the GP says after that.


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