New to the menopause

Hi guys, I was diagnosed with advanced CC on the 3rd March and since then had chemo, radiotherapy and bracatherpy. Once my chemo began I stopped bleeding straight away and I haven’t bled since - not complaining! I know I’m going through the menopause as it was confirmed it would happen and so far I’ve had hot flushes, mood swings, depression and my body hair on my legs and under arms is growing like lighting speed (I don’t know if this is because I lost all my hair or cus of the menopause)

I don’t like sorry I hate taking tablets btw - I haven’t had a discussion with my doctor about this as it’s not too bad atm I’m coping - what treatment would they offer if and when I do have the discussion? And also is there anything else I need to expect?

I don’t think this is the kind of discussion a 28 year old should have with her nan lol

Hi hun. I had patches prescribed after my treatment as have been on them for a year. Absolutely fine, no side effects. The flushes disappeared within a week of having them. I didn't want to take tablets either. Xxx


I also had patches prescribed after my treatment because I was getting hot flushes every hour on the hour.  It took about 4 weeks for them to work but when they did I felt so much better.  I could sleep through the night and nolonger had mood swings.  I also had much more energy.

I was warned that I may need to try a number of different patches before finding one that suited me.  Luckily the first one worked fine:)

I am on Estodot 50 if that helps and have to change the patch twice a week.



Hi, I have just under gone a RH (a week ago today) like you Megandog. Can I check who prescribed the HRT? I don't want to wait to for symptoms to kick in then have to wait for appointments etc. If you can offer any advice I would be grateful.


Hi JSR I am also on Estradot 37.5 I love it keeps me nice and balanced no hot flushes, skin is good. My surgeon prescribed it and thereafter my GP does. Went off it once it was awful. Jayne