Hi All,


just been to to visit my own GP to discuss HRT after my radical hysterectomy (ovaries removed) and she was horrified that no one has discussed this with me whilst I was still in the hospital. She says I should've been put on a low dose before I even left the hospital. Now she's given me a load of leaflets and nothing to explain what I should be taking!!! Any advice?

Hi's never been discussed with me either! I'm going to make an appointment with my gp as I'm struggling with hot flushes and night sweats! 

Kay x


when my treatment finished I had asked about this with my oncology team, I was advised against any HRT as there is not enough evidence to suggest that HRT is a safe route after cc. Many things are taken into account such as your quality of life after surgical menopause occurs. Such as your moods, degree of symptoms, your age, etc. It was suggested to me that unless my symptoms were severe and making it hard to function daily that to avoid any HRT. I also spoke to my GP and he did suggest some natural remedies for my hotflashes and night sweats such as sage tea. In the end he gave me a perscription for my hotflashes and these pills have helped me tremendously but it did take a bit of playing with an amount. My only symptoms were the hotflashes so I have been very lucky. 

It is best to really do some research on HRT and see if it's right for you. There are other options to relieve symptoms. You really have to weigh the benifits and risks and detirmine for yourself. 

Good luck with whatever you guys decide. I just wanted to tell you my experience. 

Hi Kay, glad it's not just me! I've had a proper rough night last night, and woke up this morning feeling sorry for myself! When I got to see my GP I just broke down crying, it's not me! She just said that its probes my hormones and that I should have definately been given something before I left the hospital. I've got to go back on Wednesday to see how I'm doing but since surgery my blood pressure is low xxxx

Thanks Hun. Think I'm going to try the combined HRT pill and see how I get on. The hot flushes and headaches are too much for me to cope with at the minute especially after surgery. Lol. Had a really crap night and feel sorry for myself today 

ive just been and bought some black cohosh tablets..I've done a little bit of research and I really want to avoid the hrt so fingers crossed this works for me 

kay x

Good luck Hun. Let me know how you get on xxxx

I'm hoping they help! The night sweats are waking me up what feels like every hour..will let you know how I get on 


Hi Kay 

i also tried the natural route as well but it really didn't suit me, mind you it did help if I stayed committed to certain things. There are different prescription pills that can help with the hotflashes and night sweats that are NOT HRT. If the natural route does not work for you then talk to your dr. 

I have only the odd hotflash But usually that's because I forgot to take my pill. Nothing is 100% but managing is the key.

also it is important to take calcium and vitamin d as you don't want to develop osteoporosis.  


Hey there

I had to wait 6 weeks until they would prescribe hrt. I was told it was usual practise to do that as it can increase the risk of blood clots after surgery.  While waiting I also had the hot flashes and night heat. I took black cohosh tablets and they really helped. I'm now on a low dose of estrogen and I feel more or less back to normal thankfully. Good luck with what you decide x

Hi ladies, had the worst night ever last night. I had the sweats, but more worryingly, palpitations!!! I was feeling dizzy, even when lying down and just felt bloody awful. To the extent I've called my DR this morning and she's giving me a prescription so that my partner can pick it up this morning. I've never felt so bad in my life! Hopefully these tablets will kick in soon. Xxxx

Hi Karen, I had a awful night also! Night sweats and flushes but feeling very irritable so I'm also going to make an appointment to see what they can offer me other than hrt..hope your prescription works for you soon 

keep us updated

kay xx

Aw Kay sorry to hear you are going through the same. I was feeling irratabl, frustrated, angry, sad I think I had every feeling under the sun. To the extent I just sat there and sobbed, which is definitely not me! Hopefully the tablets will work their magic over the next few days. I couldn't go through that again. At one point my partner was about to phone the hospital as he was so worried.  I didn't think the menopause would be that bad!