When did you start HRT?


Back again.

I finished chemorads 16 days ago. A few days in hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings... Like I feel like the HULK.... 

Phone my GP up and to be honest, not very helpful when I asked "am I having signs of menopause from the rads?" when I told her my symptoms so soon? She prescribed me hrt. I asked "should I have a blood test to determine this?" and her reply was "but then you can't have the tablets. Take the tablets".

So, should I take them?

How quickly did you have symptoms? 

How soon after treatment did you take the hrt? 

After another crap day I've made my husband get them and now I'm looking at the packet. 

Hi Harvitt,

my oncologist said I would be menopausal after the first week of rads. She said that they are so delicate they can't take the radio.  If it were me I'd try them and see if you feel better. You could wIt until Monday and contact your cns - that's who my oncologist referred me to to talk about it. (Mind you, I don't like my oncologist so she might have it wrong, again!). 
Good luck

Big hugs  xx

I took my first one last night. I'll phone the cns nurse up tomorrow. Onwards and upwards. 

Hi Harvitt, 

How did you get on with your CNS?  Or have the tablets helped and you haven't had to speak to her?  

Much love Xx

My cns nurse returned my call. I informed her of my symptoms and also of the lack of sensation in vag'Gina's beana', informing the nurse that its not functioning the way she should

Cns nurse told me to relax, stop trying to get it working and wait and see as rads still continue to work for 8 wks after the last zap.


I informed cns nurse I made my gp give me hrt on Thursday (didn't take  it until Saturday) as I can't bare the amount of night sweats, flushes and SHE-HULKNESS anymore.

 Cns nurse was surprised as gp's don't normally want to hand it out as they are worried and rather wait for oncologist/gynae to suggest it. But she was happy the GP had. I told her my gp was throwing it at me. I did ask whether I should have a blood test and the GP said "no" just take it.

Cns nurse said that gp's are normally very apprehensive to give out without oncologist and gyne have said so due to feeling out of their depth of understanding or knowledge. 

I said I was close to killing my family for just being in thr same room as me. 

I asked nurse whether it would make a difference if I took it now or in 2 months time? she said no, it would just be good to relay this conversation with the gynae to make sure I have the right one, But for now to keep taking.

Cns nurse Said because ive been medically put into menopause and the rads bring it on like a bull, it's a lot more stressful and side effects are a hell of a lot worse than normal ladies going into it that haven't had rads. 

 I'm wondering if I should of asked for the patch as I've read patches sink in better as they don't have to pass through the liver first. But a friend that was in an early menopause said they are useless as they fall off in water. 

Again the nurse said that it might take 8/10 weeks for the symptoms normally to settle and that's why some people wait. I said "wait? Wait for that amount of time? I was about to remove my children's heads and husbands testicles - one by one... I can't wait that long! It's bad enough I've drenched in my own sweat and need to change 2 times and wake at least 6 times because I'm so hot"

Before this phone call I emailed in my gp surgery and also asked for testosterone gel, quoting in rather detail the reason. Haha

 Bet the receptionists don't know where to look! Good job I don't have to see them for a while! 

I'm still hoping my ovaries are built of stronger stuff and this is a mere hiccup.

Tried to talk it over with my husband last night and even have a feel as I'm worried the bean might sink into my body without a trace ever again. He refused and told me he didn't want to have this conversation. Got into a massive fight and told him he doesn't want to support me physically or mentally. I then went and spent without his knowledge quite a lot on different vibrators and lube. If he won't mentally or physically support, his wallet can instead! Every week he chooses not to "help me out"... I'll buy a new one in a different colour and shape and see how long it takes for him to notice! 

Wow Harvitt,

You are a star!  
It sounds really hard and I feel for you. But you are coming out fighting.  Go girl!

You have made me chuckle on a grim rainy morning.  
I hope the sweats die down and your mood gets better soon. I think the family should give you some patience.  This is a hard f#€!#ing experience to go through and menopause at the end is shit!

Much love


Thank you. 

Update - last night I stripped naked... More to the night sweats and hot flushes... Than to feeling anything near sexy... But it was dilation night... And announced "you can take me now, I'm ready and waiting"

... He was already asleep. Ffs! 

Lol!  The struggle of living with men!  

I went into menopause during my treatment but didn't realize it with so much going on. Afterwards I was having hot flashes, horrible insomnia and night sweats. My primary care physician was concerned that my oncologist hadn't prescribed them so she called him to make sure it was ok and he said it was ok and I should be on them but he doesn't prescribe them it's something my primary should do. I love trying to navigate "who owns what" in all of this. The HRT helped a lot! I sleep better and the hot flashes and night sweats are almost non-existent. They did not do a test first to confirm, because I was told the same thing - ovaries are so sensitive that they don't survive. However, I started noticing I'd get period type cramping at the end of my pill "cycle" and I started to wonder if I was getting my normal hormones back. My primary did a test and no, not at all, in full blown menopause. 
I'm very grateful for HRT as without it I could not sleep well and function during the day. 

Hi Harvitt, I started on the HRT patch, Estradot on Monday, have had no relief yet but have had plenty of showers and it's still on, I couldn't take the tablets as have a history of migraines so not sure what the connection between the two is. Hopefully you get some relief soon xxx

I've been on the combined pills now for nearly 3 months. All is good. A slightly puffy/bloated tummy but nothing like what I was feeling prior to taking. Will discuss with gynae to see if there's anything else that won't leave me bloated but for now all is good.