8 post radical hysto

Hi everyone, 

im just wondering how long before I start to experience menopause symptoms...I mean I actually think I am already but this seems to be so soon after my op..

so just wondered if anyone could enlighten me please as to what and when to expect it all


kay xx

Hi kay

if they removed your ovaries then these symptoms can happen right away. It's really hard to say though because your body has been through some serious meds and trauma. It could be just your body recovering or it could be menopause symptoms. Surgical meno pause can be sudden and hit quite hard for some people. I hope you are doing well. 


Hi lolli, yup I'm undecided if it's from the trauma of the op or if it's the actual menopause...I'm having some serious night sweats and hot flushes..but either way none of it is very pleasant. Guess as time passes from the op it will become clearer..

Thanks again lolli

Kay xx

Hi! I had my radical hysterectomy (including ovaries removed) on a Wednesday afternoon and my first hot flush that Friday morning, so consultant put me straight onto HRT (as I'm only 33) and I haven't really noticed any symptoms since! Ive had a couple of hot flushes this weekend but I had quite a bit of prosecco Friday night (first alcoholic drink in over 6 weeks!!) to celebrate getting the all clear from consultant, so I'm putting it down to that, hoping the flushes will calm again! Xx