what happens now?

Hi. Im new to this site and this is my first post. I had a smear teast done around 2 month or so ago which showed a borderline change and I tested postivie for HPV  so was asked to go for a colposcopy. When I was there a biospy was taken and around 3 weeks later I got a letter to say I had CIN2 and it had been decided I should go for lletz treatment.  I had my treatment today and seem to be ok (and it wasnt half as bad as I thought). The dr said the biospy taken today will also be sent off for testing and now I am worried sick. 

Is this second lot of testing to see if its cancerous? Dont they check that when your first biopsy is sent off? Im really scared now and the wait is going to be awful. She said that my hpv may clear up after treatment but if it doesnt im unsure of what will happen.  Will this be rechecked in 6 months providing my new biopsy results are ok?



Hi Laura and welcome to Jo's , try not to worry too muchh, the first biopsy is a tiny sample that gives a much clearer idea what is going on than your smear does. The biopsy remover by lletz treatment will be all of the abnormal cells that they can see. This is sent for testing for 2 reasons, firstly to confim the diagnosis of the stage of abnormalities in the whole sample and secondly to make sure it has all been removed. You may hear the term 'clear margins' quite a lot on here all this means is that the outer edge of the biopsy contains normal healthy cells indicating the entirity of the abnormal area has been sucessfully treated. 

Hope you are feeling okay after your treatment, put your feet up and take it easy for a while, if you have any more questions or worries the girls on here are great so just ask away. Let us know how you are getting on.

Thanks for your reply Niki.  So if they havent got it all do I have to have further lletz treatment? Or if it comes back as being CIN3 what will happen? This was my first test and I was petrified to go for it (even though it was nothing in the end!) And I cant believe all this stuff has happened. You stupidly think you will be ok and that your smear will be fine. I just hope my results come soon. Thanks x

sometimes the results can come back as slightly different from the biopsy either higher or lower grade but as long as everything was removed by the lletz it really is nothing to get worried about. When they finish the lletz treatment they kind of burn/cauterise the raw edges of the cervix that has been taken so any abnormal cells that may have escaped the loop are more often than not killed off at this point, because of this even if the results question clear margins they are often satisfied that any left overs are gone, even if they are not it takes a few months for the cervix to heal enough for them to retest for abnormal cells, mostly they wait until the 6 month check.

In the odd case when they are at all worried anything significant has been left then they retreat in a much faster time scale but that really isnt that common. For the vast majority of women a single treatment is all they ever need and hopefully you will be one of them, but you are in the system now and I am sure your team will give you the best care possible. Things happen quite quickly and sometimes it does all feel a bit unreal, then you get left in limbo waiting for results which is the part I think most of us find the hardest part to cope with but everybody on here knows how you feel and its the best place to come for a bit of reassurance. How long until you get your results, I had to wait 6 weeks for mine and it was agony, I have a maximum of 4 weeks to wait this time for my cone results :)

Hi Laura, 

Your situation is IDENTICAL to mine! Smear came back borderline with +ve for HPV, had a biopsy which showed CIN 2 and then had the LLETZ done on the 17th May.  I too am anxious to hear about my results... but just know that you are really not alone! So many people must be going through what we are! Please let us know when you hear :-)