Hi everyone 

I'm so glad I've found this website I am beside myself with worry. I have just been for a colposcopy and had 2 punch? biopsies. The nurse who carried out the procedure said I look like I have CIN 2. Can they medical staff really know by looking? I know I've got to wait for the results but surely she wouldn't have said it if she didn't think it was CIN 2. I have no symptoms prior to my smear coming back with HPV high risk and borderline cell changes. If things were looking really bad would they have done the letz procedure today? Sorry for all the questions, I suffer terribly with anxiety. 

Hey! I had my smear results which were high grade/severe abnormalities and I had the colposcopy and lletz done straight away. I think if they can tell that you will definitely need treatment then they will do it there and then, otherwise they will do a biopsy to check! 

I had the lletz done straight away so I imagine it was clear to see I needed treatment, so now I am 4 days in to waiting for my lletz results and it's so stressful! I think waiting for any kind of results is the worst part, once you know what you're dealing with then you just get on with it. 

if you do need the lletz though, don't worry, it's not painful just uncomfortable. I worked myself up and found it emotionally draining, but recovery is okay! Fingers crossed your biopsy says you don't need it, but if you do then you will be fine! 

let's hope our results come quickly as it's all I can think about! 

Hi Kirstylou73,

Please don't stress too much, I'm sure the colposcopist thought she was putting you at ease by giving you this info rather than causing you more stress.

The consultant who did my LLETZ said one thing that really stuck with me and suprised me, my result from Colposcopy was CIN3 she said "this is not cancer! They are cell changes that may have gone on to develop into cancer in 10-20 years, but y'know what....that's why we're removing them!" god it was like she'd flipped a switch and i saw it clearly, after all the upset and the google searches and the huuuuge mood swings, she took it away just like that.

10-20 years...not tomorrow, not even next week. Remember it's a bit rubbish now but it's all to make sure that this doesn't become something worse to worry about later in life smile and even if it is, it does or it wants to be something worse, it's been found and knowledge is power.