CIN3 and lots of questions

Hi. I had a colposcopy appt on Friday after some abnormal smears. The doctor took a look and said in a very matter of fact way that I have CIN3. This was after he said, very clearly and categorically that it I do have an abnormality but it is NOT cancer.

i could have had LLETZ then and there but stupidly said I would wait, my appt is now on the 8th August.  It's only now that I have come away and read more and understood more that it's hit me I guess. 

Can the doctor say that definitely that it's CIN3 and not cancer? Or can that only be established after the biopsy?

I keep feeling depressed and teary, but then questionif I am just being a wimp and overreacting.

lucy x

Hi Lucy, Try not to worry your Doctor will have performed hundreds of colposcopies and he will know what he's looking for.

If he has categorically said that it is not cancer then im sure it wont be. Normally they can't say for definate untill the biopsy results come back but with him saying that he must be very confident its just CIN 3. The Lletz is nothing to worry about either it is a quick and painless procedure it is really very similar to a smer just a bit longer.

Hope this helps Xxx

Hi Lucy - I completely agree with with what Simone22 has posted. The doctors / nurses specialise in colposcopies so will know what they're looking for. I'm sure he wouldn't have said it's definitely not cancer if he had any doubts (mine said they couldn't tell me as they weren't sure) - although I can understand why you would be worried. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the biopsy results and that will put your mind at rest.  

And please don't worry about the LLETZ treatment, it's over pretty quickly and does just feel like a longer smear test

Take care xx

Hey this has happened to me also!

Had a colposcopy with punch biopsy he said deffinately not cancer but CIN3.
I have my LLETZ booked in for the 7th August and a meeting with a specialist also.

I hope yours goes okay x