LLETZ procedure

Hi all! New to this site and it's been really helpful knowing that people are having the same kind of problems in not knowing quite what's going on...! Find that my Dr assumes I know exactly what the treatments are and what the results mean.  I don't! 


I had a LLETZ procedure two days ago after repeated CIN 1 results and all seems well, I am just a bit confused! When they take the cells to look at them, surely the results will come back abnormal, because they are removing abnormal cells? Can someone explain to me what a good result is after this?


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Hie dear 

A good result will be finding out that they removed all the abnormal cells and that no further abnormalities have been found on biopsy. Because sometimes after LLETZ the results come back as something serious.

All the best with your results. I am going for my LLETZ next week for CIN 2

Hi Ladies,


I too am confused or it's not sinking in either way it doesn't take alot so I hope you don't mind me jumping in on you post here!!


 I just had my results back from Colposcopy and have CIN2 and booked in for LLETZ ont he 18th May.  It is normal to fear the worse? Or am I being silly my OH tells me not to worry but it's pretty hard not to. I had my smear back in Feb then had results saying Low Grade HPV Postive, then had my Colposcopy on 16th March and only just had my results through last Friday having CIN2.....I've hardly slept through worry and don't know if it's just me being silly etc..



I cried wheN I got my results from the smear as my mum passed away last year so I was so tearful. I had my coloscopy no pain and the results showed CIN1-2. it didn't help to be fair getting a letter from the hospital saying I had to come in and see the consultant and I had an appointment. I cried the joke weekend and convinced myself it was cancer. To call the hospital on Monday and then be told oh it's just your procdure date. I could have screamed I was having no sleep and stressing. i had my LLentz las week it was totally fine and pain free and I have been absolutely fine since.  I am now thinking oh god what are these results going to show. Try and keep busy try not to worry I say that I was worrie sick but it's not good. The question I always forget to ask is can you catch the HPV virus again xxxx GOOD LUCK xxx we are all here on the fantastic site together to help xxx

Try not to panic! CIN isn't cancer, it means they've found abnormal cells that could develop into cancer if left but they're talking years.

i had my smear which came back with abnormalities so had my lletz and biopsy, unfortunately it came back as CGIN (which is worse than CIN 1-3 as it's in the glandular layer rather than the squamous layer, so it's deeper) 

i then needed another lletz treatment and biopsy which has just come back last week and the glandular changes are still showing but they have found them in my uterus too now.

im currently waiting now to speak to my consultant about a hysterectomy as they can't laser treat any further in than they have.

i hope that helps put your mind at rest a bit.

Nad X 

good luck with you appointment X 

Good luck all with your results... x