CIN 2 confirmed


So I had my colposcopy done on 19th December, the nurse was lovely and said my cervix was a lovely colour and she would be very surpirsed if the biopsy that I had taken showed up any abnormalities. I rang the Colposcopy clinic as I haven't had my results yet and was advised that the biopsy came back as CIN2 and an appointment was booked in for me next Tuesday to have the LLETZ treatment.

I'm so stressed and worried now, the nurse was certain I would be fine, could the biopsy be wrong and the LLETZ treatment will show up with something worse?

Also, and I'm sorry if it's TMI, after the colposcopy I waited the correct amount of time before have sex with my partner, but I've found since the colposcopy when me and my partner now have sex I bleed the day after. Is this normal?

Thank you for taking the time to read.




Hi steph1984

They will do a lettz to remove the cin2 if im right in believing the lettz is to remove the cin2 so it cant progress further, i no its hard but please try and not worry i had a lettz 10days ago for cin3 and the procedure it self was a lot easier then i had expected as for the bleeding you may want to contact gp im not to sure about that hope u feel better soon xx

Hello, I too went through something similiar. Except my PAP intially came back with ASCUS which basically means, the smear results weren't abnormal but theyweren't normal either. It's somewhere in the middle.... one step above having a normal smear... my regular GP assured me that it would probably be nothing and anything more serious would have been picked up on during the PAP... 
THEN, during the colposcopy, the doctor had told me from what she could see, the results would either come back as normal to low grade. But same as you, results came back as CIN 2. 
My LLETZ/LEEP results came back as CIN 3, but i've recently had my 6 month cure smear and no abnormalities found AND i'm HPV negative. I'm back to regular screenings. 
The LLETZ that you're going to have is a very effective treatment. 90-95% of women will not require any further treatment. I too was freaking out (it's hard not to, especially when you keep getting told that it looks to be nothing but the results are coming back worse than everyone expected) but just keep reminding yourself that this is very common and highly treatable! 
Good luck!! 

Thank you for the reply ladies,

It's such a big shock as I had in my head that everything was fine. The biposy wasn't too pleasant either so I'm dreading having this LLETZ procedure, but then the thought of waiting 6 months to see if clears itself doesn't sound too appealing either and I'd rather just get it over and done with.


Yes, I was also told we could do the "wait and see" approach after my colposcopy came back with CIN 2, but I'm glad I chose to get the LLETZ/LEEP treatment because it turns out that I actually had CIN 3. 
The LEEP/LLETZ went a lot better than I had thought it was going to go. I had worked myself up quite a bit but it was over so fast...After your treatment, if they determine that you have "clear margins" (meaning they got it all) your doctor will want to do a smear test in 6 months "cure smear" to make sure that you're all good and then you'll most likely return to your regular screenings! :)

Good Luck!!