results :(

hi again

so have had a look at my biospy results ( know someone on the inside)... my results are CIN3 with wart virus changes!!!!and has a red flag alert on it

iv already had the LLETZ which is when they took the biospy...does this mean that i will have to have more done? and warts????is that the HPV virus? iv never had warts in my life!!

so upset...also hubby has just found outhe hasn 99% severe a double blow in one day :(


has anyone had the same results?

Hi Tasha,

They Lletz will have removed all of the CIN 3 cells so you shouldn't need more treatment you should just get your results about 4 weeks

after you had the treatment and then a smear in 6 months. Xxx

that was the results of the colposcopy..the biospy they tiook was during the treatment...they did it there an then when i went for my first consultation

so hopefully it means that i will just have check ups now? if the biopsy shows what they knew was there? is that right?xxx

is a coloposcopy and the lletz something different things? i thought i had the treatment..they stuck a diathermy pad on me an was burning stuff away?and that s when i had the biopsy taken... am getting abit confused..not hard as im abit dim with all this stuff x

LLETZ is a form of treatment they use during a colposcopy examination. Sounds like they have removed an abnormal area using the loop, but that still gets sent off to a lab so they can look for 'clear margins' i.e. make sure they managed to remove everything in one go :)

You will get the results in a letter and then normally go back in 6 months for a repeat smear when your cervix has healed, just so they can check to see if the abnormalities have stayed away xx