Please help me understand the next steps for my results.

Hi everyone. I am new to the forum but just wanted some advice. I had my first ever smear last month and since then life's gone a bit mad. My smear results came back HPV positive, high grade dyskariosis, moderate. I wasn't too sure about how to react but managed to stay calm. Colposcopy arranged. I went for my colop.appointment 1 week later and it was confirmed that my cells were abnormal. They treated me with the LEEP there and then and took a moderate amount out- they went to bio. I have just started my teaching career so it's been pretty bad timing, however I'm grateful they have acted fast. 

Today I went to the doctors due to my worry of slight infection after LEEP. While I was there we spoke about results and shockingly my doc had already received them, a week later. He was able to show me my results:

Hr HPV, high grade dyskariosis, moderate with CIN II, CIN III and viral changes found in transformation zone. Unclear margins. CIN found in the 'ends' of the biopsy and it is not possible to confirm excision at the ectocervical margin. No invasive malignancy found. Discoloured mucosa. Unclear margins- further action required. Endocervical margin not involved. 

What does this now mean? Has anyone else had similar results? I've done my research so feel I know quite a lot now but haven't received my letter at home yet. What is now the plan of action? Are my results concerning? I can only be grateful they have found this early.  Thank you in advance!

It basically means that although they did a LLETZ, it was not successful in getting rid of the abnormal cells. It could mean that you will have to have another LLETZ.  I'm not sure if that helps but I had to have 2 LLETZ for CGIN.

I've just had a colposcopy a few weeks ago. 

Ive had a letter saying they are reviewing my smear and biopsys at a meeting with a pathologist. 

Has anyone has this? What does it mean? 

Mum sat here thinking the worst! X


I had colposcopy and LLETZ treatment 6 weeks ago, still waiting for full results! Was originally told 2 weeks for results and call back to hospital! 

Did see the doctor a week after and she had a look at the notes from the day of my Colposcopy. I believe I have CGIN changes which they were hopeful they had removed all the affected cells. 

I was a bit of a mess for the first couple of weeks but it has got easier with the thought that no news is good news hopefully. 

My doctor then chased the hospital for confirmed results and further appointment last week and has been told my case is being discussed at the consultants meeing this Thursday and they will be in touch with a treatment plan. This has freaked me out a little again!

From looking at other threads on this forum I think it is quite common for them to talk about cases at their meeting especially when CGIN changes are involved. 

Just wish it wasn't taking soo long I imagine it will be 7-8 weeks before I even get a letter. 

Hope you all get news soon and that it is positive xx

Hi everyone.

Thanks for your comments and hope you've all got good news since. So I rang up the hospital today and it was confirmed I have CIN 2 and 3, however my letter from the hospital states they are discharging me now and just have to attend a smear (test of cure) in 6 months. I don't understand after physically seeing and taking a copy of the actual doctors copy of results stating that they cannot confirm excision from transformation zone of these cells following my LEEP 2 weeks ago.

How can they leave CIN 3 in the cervix for 6 months knowing that they possibly haven't removed all bad cells. I feel very worried and don't understand how the doctors results can be so different from the letter the hospital sends patients. I think I'll drive myself mad waiting 6 months, only to be told CIN3 is still there or worse. 

Has anyone else experienced similar to this? Please help settle my nerves! Thank you.