what happens after lletz?

Hello there. Today I had my first lletz treatment following a colposcopy appointment where I had a biopsy and had confirmed cin3. My mind was a bit blank after my lletz today. I just wanted yo ask what happens after? I have an appointment being sent out for a check up in 6 weeks and I think they took another biopsy today. How long did people have to wait for their results? Also has anyone had to have numerous lletz and why? Really appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance xxx


I had my first one for cin3 about 3 months ago.  She took the larger area and and two more areas, all to be sent off to confirm the original colposcopy diagnosis of cin3 and to make sure it wasn't further out than we thought.  She told me I'd have results in two weeks, but actually called the next day. It was indeed cin3, clear margins. So I got mine very very fast, but I'm not sure what the norm is. 

Hi Fernparsons24, I've also just had my first Lletz on the same day. Hope you're feeling ok and not too much cramping. I'm feeling much better today, just hope we don't have to wait too long for our results. I got told I would receive a letter within the next 4 weeks xx

Hi all, 

im new to here. Only signed up yesterday and struggling with how to ask questions etc. So basically I had my 1st ever smear 4weeks ago and my results came back high grade severe dyskaryosis. I was booked in for a colposcopy the next week. During which they performed lletz treament. I'm unsure what this means or what happens now? I know they taking something away but does that mean it was cancerous? Or just abmormal cells? any idea how long you wait for results? Sorry for all the questions, just could really do with some help or advice to settle my mind. I don't understand the CIN things ive read on here or is that something that comes after? I'm only 24 and never expected to have anything like that. Although I have been asking for a smear for the past year due to old blood occurring unexpectedly. All experiance and advice welcome. I'm panicking so bad. Just want to know what's to expect from here. Thanks in advance xxxx