What a difference a year makes....

Hi Ladies

As i move forward and pass the 1 year anniversary of diagnosis and radical hysterectomy just thought i would pop in with an update for you ladies maybe in that place at tje moment to give you a little hope and encouragement.

tThis time last year I was distraught during a long drawn out diagnosis and 2 lettz but relieved op was finally organised for 20t

h dec for cc 1b1/2

Not gonna lie it was difficult and after effects of op were tough but hey ho I am still here to tell the tale and for that I am so grateful and relieved.T he last year has seen me worry bout recurrance , got pig sick of niggling pain and tested my very strong marriage to the edge !!

HOWEVER..... now as a couple we are solid and i think stronger....

I still have niggling hip/groin  pain but nothing like it was.

So all you ladies at that point in your journey PLEASE  be strong  and i hope you remain well .

It really seems endless at the time but things will get better ....xx

Hope everyone has a lovely christmas.... last year I cried with pain an misery all day... this year I will cry with joy :))

Hi, thank you so much for this posting - it really helps to hear how you have come through it so far.  I was diagnosed stage 1b1 and had my radical hysterectomy on 8th October.  Unfortunately I then had an emergency op on 25th October to clear a collection/abscess that had formed. About a week after discharge I was diagnosed with c-diff so yet again recovery was delayed.

However, I now feel I am progressing OK despite the aches and pains and I am so grateful that I do not need any further treatment at this moment in time.

We all worry about the future that's why it's so good to hear from someone who has been through all that and is doing well a year on.

I hope you and your husband have a brilliant Christmas and let's hope we all have a wonderful 2014!

Love & hugs, Cheryl

Hello.  It's been a year also since my diagnosis.  I was told my the colposcopist on 22 Oct that I had CC.  


On this day,  one year ago following a radical hysterectomy - I was told the cancer had spread to my ovaries.  This was a shock not only to me but to the surgeons as well.


I've completed all the treatments and I suppose today is the one year anniversary of a very bad day! However I am here 1 year on and feeling really good.  I now look forward to the future and can't imagine that I won't grow old.  I pray for it!  


I too have a very strong marriage, having been with my husband since we were 16 & 17, we are stronger than ever and have re-evaluated our lives and our lifestyle.  We are determined to live fuller lives doing everything that we'd previously said we'd love to do but never bothered. Now we bother.  It really is a true saying - don't put off til tomorrow, that which you can do today'  


Glad to read that you are feeling well Sharon. I don't come here so often these days, but I often think about the women who I have 'met' here. May you continue to go from strength to strength. X

Thank you for sharing,  I"m just 4 wreks post op, sometimes feel good & sometimes so panicky & afraid. God-willing can't wait to be a year on from now without too many hiccups xxx All the best ladies xxx

Thanks for sharing xxx always good to know how others are getting on